New character ace appeared in “Blabry Default Brilliant Light”.
 New team raids are also held today

New character ace appeared in “Blabry Default Brilliant Light”. New team raids are also held today

Square Enix has been updated on April 1, “ Blabry Default Brilliant Lights “. In updates, a playable character is added to the playable character, and a new event of Team Raid is also performed.

“Bravely Default Brilliant Rights” is the latest work for smartphones in the “Bravely” series where official service was started on January 27. The series traditional battle system “Brave & Default” is optimized for smartphones and is first adopted, and a battle that full of strategy is full of “pre-borrowing”. In addition, it is also characterized by being able to get the character specified by replacing the character with a certain amount of game without at least one gacha element.

Ace Aquia added in today’s update is the character that appeared in “Blabry Default Faireed Effects”. Ace that was served as a national window that believes in the crystal of the wind with his sister’s Liz, with his sister’s Liz in the future of crystal power. He was tuning to the battle with the ironbed alliance that repeated military invasion, but as well as other visitors, it seems to be caught in the light sphere phenomenon and reached the world of this work. In addition, her sister’s Liz has already been implemented as a playable character from the beginning. It is “Fairyeed effect” that has ended the service on August 31, 2020, but it is likely to be able to see the activity of my brother and sister again again.

As a performance aspect, ace is a character that is classified into a defense type. He gives a barrier to itself with “the championship of the garden” and can attack while reducing enemy magic defenses in “Ryuarashi Anyway”. “The championship of the garden” can also give a magical defense increase effect to itself, so it can be said that it can be a character that can focus on the other person who uses magic. The team raid boss “frost giant” implemented this time is that for magic attributes, we want to meet Ace as a strength.

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Team Raids can challenge the powerful boss “Frost Giant” during the period. In this work, the players can gather together, and the team will challenge the boss in cooperation with all the teams, and the raid battle that competes with the rankings for each team is a team raid. The “Frost Giant”, which appears this time, attacks with various debts, such as fear, HP recovery half, magical defense reduction, etc. will be repeated. Organize a character that allows you to restore abnormality, cooperates with the team to aim for the boss defeat. The team raid period is scheduled to be from 16:00 to 14:59 on April 1st and April 8 today.

“Bravely Default Brilliant Rights” is under delivery for basic play for iOS / Android.

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