Sony unveils the secret fourth level of PS Plus for hardcore

Sony unveils the secret fourth level of PS Plus for hardcore

This week Sony announced plans to revise his PlayStation Plus service, which offers players a new three-level subscription system with increasing access to old generation games over the generations. According to a source near Sony HQ, the company will announce a secret fourth level of the new structure that allows players to delete an exclusive Xbox a year.

The new technology behind the PS Plus Extra Ultra 4K 3D Surround Sound Bravia package, which Sony has given the codename “Turkey Dinosaurs” after the favorite food of CEO Jim Ryan, is reportedly able to create tiny pockets in space-time, which allow the players to bring even the most embarrassing to bursting competitors into a miniature leader that is wiped out of our collective memory. In fact, there is a very good chance that internal testing of technology for the lackluster setup of the Xbox exclusive products at the start of the consoles of the current generation, the Series X | S, are responsible.

How much will the PS Plus Extra Ultra 4K 3D Surround Sound Bravia Package Gamer? Our resident expert Stevie Racer says “$ 299”. On the question of whether it is a monthly or annual subscription fee, Racer simply repeated the price again and again.

While this sounds like a bargain for hardcore fans, there is a great limitation for the secret stage. Unfortunately, players can not completely delete classic Xbox tracks like Halo 2, Gears of War 2 and the Critical Stuffed Double Dragon 2: Wander of the Dragons. This seems to be because Sony is currently unable to evolve the technology for old-generation games.

Fortunately, players can still eradicate cloud-based versions (we speak of totally burned earth), if they upgrade to the PS Plus Extra Ultra 4K 3D Surround Sound Bravia Pro package for only an additional dollar per month.

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But why does Sony decide now to comply with Xbox? After the 69-billion-dollar acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft in January, there were fears that legendary PlayStation series like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro would be torn away to players of the platform. With this recent step, Sony seems to react to the perceived threat with a nuclear level violence, despite the statements of Xbox, that this would not be the case.

As a special bonus, players also receive a unique in-game NFT for Spider-Man – No, not of Marvel, the PlayStation version of 2000. It is currently unknown as the NFT comes about or how players on the Redeem an antiquated console. For further insights The PC Player 24 turned to a self-proclaimed “expert” for NFTs, Firstname Bunchanumbers, who simply says, “Trust Sony, brother, it’s the future”.

While question marks appear above the competitive integrity of Sony’s latest offer, Xbox has just announced that it has bought three more major studios as a reward.

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