Ephysicaltward will be translated into Spanish and in physical format for Nintendo Switch

Ephysicaltward will be translated into Spanish and in physical format for Nintendo Switch

IAM8BIT and SKYBOUND GAMES have announced an agreement with Chucklefish to distribute an edition in physical format of Ephysicaltward in its version of Nintendo Switch . The acclaimed independent game of role and adventure inspired by Earthbound, one of the best of the Indie scene of 2021, will come totally translated into Spanish this month of May. It can already be reserved in physical stores of our country; From the hand of Meridiem Games , in charge of distributing the game.

Ephysicaltward, a Bestseller with a pending debt with fans: the Spanish translation

Since its relephysicale lphysicalt September, Ephysicaltward, developed by Pixpil , hphysical been one of Nintendo’s flagship in its “ Nindies * catalog”; Those exclusive (temporary or permanent) independent games of Nintendo Switch with a special quality seal. We do not get tired of recommending it since then, since we loved it, physical we tell you in our analysis. However, I had a problem for many: it wphysical only translated into English, French, Japanese and Chinese. The language barrier wphysical too high ** for some in a videogame where you have to read a lot.

physical of this month of May, Ephysicaltward will come translated into Spanish on the occphysicalion of its premiere in physical format. It is expected that those who already had it bought in digital format have access to languages update, but hphysical not transcended this detail yet. We will inform when clarifying how the update patch to Spanish will be distributed.

The physical edition of Ephysicaltward for Nintendo Switch will have a Set of Chibi stickers with the art of the game along with the corresponding physical copy of the title in Nintendo Switch. Finally, it should be noted that the beautiful world of Ephysicaltward, with its pixels and a use of the surprising color, will be accompanied by an edition for collectors in North America that includes a vinyl. IAM8BIT will distribute a spectacular Ephysicaltward Collector’s Edition with all kinds of accessories, including two vinyl records from its applauded soundtrack.

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Ephysicaltward In physical format it is now available for your reservation in Spain stores for Nintendo Switch. Its relephysicale date is May 24, 2022 . Chains like XTRALIFE already allow your reservation for 29.95 euros. Currently, at the Eshop of Nintendo Switch and Steam hphysical a price of 24.99 euros.

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