Buy PS5: Fat consoles

Buy PS5: Fat consoles

Many PlayStation fans are looking for the search, but to come to one of the coveted PS5 consoles, is still not so easy. If the console is to have time, it is usually sold out quickly. It is appropriate to know how to know when a possible drop takes place – and that could now be the case with the online retailer Amazon.

PS5 could be available soon at Amazon

Prime drop could come tomorrow: A * E user * in in the FORAUM collection thread via PS5 drops has discovered the freshly replied note on Amazon first. On the product page of the PS5 with drive is recently found again a well-known note: “Prime members have primary access to the PlayStation 5”.

In the past, Amazon has added this reference to the PS5 page when a drop was quasi in the starting blocks. Based on Amazon Drops from the past, even a possible date and time can be deduced:

  • Probable Date for PS5-Drop: Tomorrow, March 30, 2022
  • Probable time: 8-10 clock. Although there is no exact time, however, PS5 drops in the accident often occurred in this time frame.


This even coincides with a Tweet of Amazon Video Games, which have announced a drop for the US Amazon page for tomorrow:

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Prime members prefer

For the German Amazon side there is no official announcement, but the hints cover themselves with the procedure of the page in the past, so the chances of standing on a PS5-drop.

The biggest damper is, however, that you need a prime membership. Officially, users of the subscription at Amazon get only priority access to the new consoles, in the past, however, has shown that the sale takes place only to Prime users, or not enough PS5 existed to at all in the free sale walk.

Do you wait at Amazon still on console drops?

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