Twelve of the top 20 of the world electric car company

Twelve of the top 20 of the world electric car company

Chinese electric vehicles have greatly routinely contributed to the rise in electric car sales in the world last year.

On the 28th, China Praise Chanchan Xiao City reported that 12 of the top 20 companies and groups of the Published train (EV) sales volume, which core Japan Nihon Gahoi newspaper report, reported that 12 companies and 12 of the groups were Chinese companies. Mark Rains, Japan Research Company, was counted.

In the case of Shanghai Automotive Group (SAIC), which recorded the second place, the sales volume was raised by a low-cost electric car, and the momentum of Villa di is also.

The Shanghai Automotive Group sold 590,000 units of 2.4 times a year, and the electric car ‘Wowling Redrill Mini EV’ made by GM and Wing led sales volume. A small electric car of 5 million won was a great popularity in China’s local city, with a transportation to replacing bicycles and motorcycles. Only 420,000 mini EV, Hwanghwang-gu, 420,000, and 70% of the electric car sales volume of Shanghai car group.

The fourth largest Vistadi sold $ 3.2 million last year, depending on the sales volume of 2.4 times a year, and sold a variety of vehicles from Sedan to SUV.

Here, Xiao Fu, Nio, etc., and the electric car specialist also heard in the 20th place, and Xiao Fu and Nio’s annual sales volume were approached to 100,000.

In addition to the Ranking Standard Shanghai Automotive Group and Vilidi, Changchu (8th place), optical group (9th place), geography group (10th place), cherry (13th place), Xiao Fung (14th), Changi (15th), Nio (16th place), round (17th place), indicate (18th place), WM motor (20th), etc.

The first place was the US Tesla, but the Chinese market sales accounted for a significant part, and Toyota, Japan, was ranked 29th.

Korean Hyundai Motor Group was 6th as 2,23,000. In the 20th number of Korean companies, Hyundai is unique, and the US company is the 20th place with Tesla and Ford (19th), German companies, Volkswagen (3rd place) and BMW (11th), Mercedes Benz (12th) Number of companies in other countries other than my China stayed in 1 and 3.

However, the sales volume of the sales volume was overwhelmed by Shanghai Automotive Group (590 million) as the second place as 936 million.

According to aggregation, last year, China’s electric vehicle sales accounted for more than 60% of the world, as well as $ 291 million.

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The growth of Chinese electric vehicles such as this is an analysis that the growth of the Chinese government is not indefinant. The Chinese government is demanding eco-friendly production such as a certain percentage of electric cars in automotive companies.

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