Table Micro Raustrissen: Irving calls comeback historically

Table Micro Raustrissen: Irving calls comeback historically

Also in dealing with the table mikro Kyrie Irving was own. Closed in the stand, the basketball star obviously did not like the Point Guard, so, despite greater difficulties, the Point Guard ripped out of the attachment, in order to explain his view of things. “Historically” was it, so Irving that after the abolition of the corona vaccination obligation for professional athletes in New York in a NBA home game, but it does not go (only) around him.

“I am looking for freedom, in all facets of my life,” emphasized the 30-year-old, the vaccine against Corona came to no time for him – and that remains so. “Nobody can enslave me, nobody can tell me what to start with my life,” said the NBA professional. It’s about making decisions about his life without anyone says what the hell is to do “.

Irving had not heard the squad of Brooklyn Nets for his strict attitude at the beginning of the season, and later, the franchise took him as a “part-time power” for away games (here no vaccination requires) back, in January he gave his debut. Now the last restriction has fallen, Mayor Eric Adams tipped the rule in the city and vaccine keptic Irving ran against the Charlotte Hornets.

You can’t count on a part-time Kyrie - Stephen A. doesn’t believe Nets can count on Irving

“I do not read everything, but I read a lot”

110: 119 It was said in the end. “Not the result we wanted,” Irving said, welcomed by the fans with jubilation and posted 16 points as well as eleven assists. “I’m grateful that I had the chance to be out there with my brothers ****.” But there was something more important from his own point of view that day, in these hours: his message.

Irving had made a lot of criticism in the past few months, which obviously hurt him. “My image was clouded – and people are constantly trying to slander my name. I do not forget these things,” said the NBA Champion of 2016 (at that time with the Cleveland Cavaliers along with the current Lakers star LeBron James). “I do not read everything, but I’m reading a lot.”

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