AOV Tier List Update ZIP

AOV Tier List Update ZIP

The new Valor Hero arena, ZIP, was released on August 9, 2019 and immediately made a sensation. Zip is a new type of game creation help, which focuses on creation, control and protection.

Here is one in depth _ Guide for Zip _ In the list below you can find a brief description and reasoning behind the row of zip on the board.

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Zip Bloat! It’s a liability that goes hand in hand with its ability to find allies and become swollen. Thus, whenever zip becomes swollen, it reduces the damage suffered and inflicts a certain amount of magic damage to nearby enemies.

Zip hex! Is its first skill and the main source of damage. Combined with the agony object of Beit and Afata enchantment (rage of nature), its damage will surprise most players. Due to a fixed and low charging time, it is recommended to reach a reduction of at least 30% of the recharge time.

** Solo Lane: Tierlist 21/22 ** Arena of Valor Deutsch / AoV

Angry zip! The second skill has multiple goals as one of the main tools for creating zip play. After a short chain, he swallows allied heroes, the jungle, and the monsters of the jungle, and reclachees after a few seconds. If there is ultimate effects, the time of “spit” will be delayed until the end of the bearing. In addition, ZIP is cured on the basis of PA and the number of targets it swallows.

Zip Roll! Zip starts rolling and moving incredibly quickly in a precise direction. “Zip Roll!” Is well synonymous with “Zip Angry!” By allowing a rapid transport of lane or basic way. In addition, this allows excellent initiation, prosecution or escape, for both ZIP and its team.

This is the first hero of the Arena of Valor team capable of moving allies. In addition to this, zip produces tons of control, he can harass / delay the Jungler enemy by picking up his mobs and taking them until they reset (it depends on the situation). Zip trafficks, but at the same time, can absorb ridiculous amounts of damage.

In the current state of affairs, ZIP occupies the first level of the list of value arena levels. Not only is it a powerful hero in almost every aspect of the game and he has a huge influence on the result of the game, but Zip also highlights a unique aspect of the game, an ability to collect teams, to roll back / wander and so on.

While waiting for the moment when we see a nerve in its statistics and possibly changing game, zip stays at the top of the list of AOV levels.

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