Scathe: First Developer Video for Bullet-Bright

Scathe: First Developer Video for Bullet-Bright

The Publisher Kwalee and the three-member developer Damage State have released their first developer video to Scathe. Lead Programmer Chris Dawson invites you to travel to the blood-soaked world of the First-Person Shooter Scathe.

Scathe - Official Reveal Trailer
In this first video, Chris talks about why they have introduced the bullet-light mechanics in Scathe and how the dodge before a ball hail increases the intensity of the FPS action.

Scathe adrenalingelader, classic FPS shooter with big wys and even larger demons. She plays Scathe, the executor of the legions of hell, which has forged the divine creator himself from the earth.

And as your fallen relatives before you have to prove your value by moving you through a refined labyrinth that is entangled at every corner with the demonic evil.

The game will appear this year for PlayStation 4 | 5, Xbox Series S | X, Xbox One and on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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