Arrogance? Schlotterbeck: That was just bad

Arrogance? Schlotterbeck: That was just bad

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Actually, the first game was in the dress of the A national team according to plan for Nico Schlotterbeck. The central defender that stood on the place at the 2-0 victory against Israel over the full distance, had only a few defensive responsibilities against harmless Israelis and thus proved his strengths in the starting game: He moved forward and again again and again The eye-catching David room on the left exterior in scene.

“We have defended quite well, stood quite good behind,” said the 22-year-old after the friendly match at ZDF microph1. But in the third minute of the aftermath, Schlotterbeck was still a carelessness: too much time he let himself in his own penalty area in the play, Yonatan Cohen stoked up and peaked the ball away. Schlotterbeck only met the foot of Israelis and thus caused the penalty penalty. DFB-Keeper Kevin Trapp, however, caused the mistake of his teammate without consequences and parished the shot of eleven meters.

of arrogance do not want to talk yet Schlotterbeck

But inner, Schlotterbeck has nevertheless: “That was just bad in the situation,” said the Freiburg. The accusation of arrogance, the ZDF expert by Mertesacker had placed in the room shortly before, but he did not want to be considered: “I would not say. That was an unconcentrity that can not happen to me,” says the defensive player. “I have to thank Kevin that he holds the penalty. So it’s still very glimated for me.”

Also, national coach Hansi Flick, who celebrated the eighth victory in the eighth game, did not want to go into the arrogance allegation: “Per, how do you mean that?” He asked in the interview laughing. He was looking for the cause of the Fauxpas less in arrears than in a lack of concentration: “At this level, you just have to be concentrated 90 minutes. You can not make mistakes.” The coach also praised the performance of his debutant in the 92 minutes before: “Until then he did well.”

After all, the hitherto almost unemployed trapp was characterized. But Flick addressed the focus in the future and warned after the first game in the World Cup year 2022: “With a World Cup, something can be deadly in the 90th minute.”

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