Xbox Insider Leaks reveal the next Xbox console

Xbox Insider Leaks reveal the next Xbox console

According to a new report, it is planned to reveal the next Xbox console this year. Of course, this will not be the next Xbox console itself, but it does not seem to be a mere revision of the current Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. The report reaches the hand of the prominent member and filter of Xbox, Nick Baker. During a recent episode of the Xbox podcast era, Baker transmitted the news that he heard that Xbox is preparing to show new hardware at some time this year. Speaking of this mysterious hardware, Baker mocks out that it is something that Xbox fans will not see.

«Everything you told me I can say is that at some point this year, or should I say maybe at some point this year because there are many things that delay things lately, either the situation of Ukraine, the problems of Covid, the shortage of chips, all that kind of things… so I’m not going to say that it will definitely happen this year, but I have been told that it should be this year ».

Baker continued, reinforcing part of the statement “should be this year”, which is important to emphasize because things are always subject to change. Baker then culminated the provocation with the juicy part: “Xbox currently has some hardware to show… that falls into a cube different from what people probably expect».

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There are two things here of importance. One, Xbox has a new hardware to show and could be displayed this year. Two, is not what people expect, which probably discards a hardware review like the one that obtained Xbox One with Xbox One S and Xbox One X. This type of revisions will inevitably happen, but it does not seem that Baker is like that. joke. So, what could I be joking about? We do not know many will rush to anticipate and suggest that it is something related to virtual reality, especially with the arrival of PlayStation VR 2, but this conclusion ignores the fact that the Xbox chief, Phil Spencer, has doubts about the space of Virtual reality for a long time.

Unfortunately, for now, everything we can do is speculate. Meanwhile, take everything here with tweezers. Baker is a reliable and reputable source, but he has been wrong in the past. And of course, as Baker himself says, everything is subject to change here. The affirmation could be accurate now, but that does not mean that it will remain that way, which is always the danger of sharing privileged information ahead of time.

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