Wow: watched! balance

Wow: watched! balance

The WOW developers have looked at the current performance of the 36 specializations of the twelve available classes available in online role-playing classes and have decided * that something must do in some places, even if the balancing in the mausoleum of the first is currently pretty well watching * . Nevertheless, on March 30, 2022 Balance adjustments for (currently planned) will give eight specializations, namely for:

  • Wildness druid
  • Destruction witch champion
  • Animal Degree Hunter
  • Protection warrior
  • Nebelwalker monk
  • Elementary shaman
  • Lawlessness rogue
  • Unholy Death Knight

The WOW DEVs have been announced in the WOW forum. No Nerfs are made, but mainly buffs. Some specs are borrowed, for example, as the destruction witch champion and the elementary shaman, by the bank – the fundamentally caused damage is then raised by a certain percentage. For the wildness druids or the protection warrior, the balance adjustments fall slightly more defined. The provisionally planned changes we have hunted and adapted for you by the translator, so that you do not have to sit on hot coals all weekend.

Caution: The following adjustments are played on 30 March 2022 on the WOW servers and are now not (!) Active!


Death Knight


  • The total damage is increased by 5%.



  • All damage has been increased by 3%.

Как вернуть не использованное игровое время в WOW (Удаленное видео ZAP TV)
* The damage of ‘Urzorn’ was increased by 10%.
* The damage of ‘Brutal Slots’ was increased by 20%.
* The damage of ‘Prankhieb’ was increased by 15%.
* The damage of ‘Hauen’ was increased by 20%.



  • Predator butt above now causes reduced damage from 8 targets (previously 5).
  • All damage has been increased by 3%.



  • The damage of ‘swirling crane object’ was increased by 30%.



  • ‘Blattenworten’ now meets opponents near 50% of normal damage (previously 40%).



  • All damage has been increased by 5%.



  • All damage has been increased by 5%.


  • ‘Teeth together’ now ignores 55% of the damage (previously 50%).


  • ‘Demoralizing cry Now reduces the damage to cause the opponent to you by 25% (previously 20%).
  • ‘Teeth together’ now reduces the cost of ‘teeth together’ to 35 anger (before 40 anger).
  • The cooldown of ‘Magic Reflection’ was reduced to 20 seconds (previously 25 seconds).
  • ‘Front fighter’ reduces the damage suffered by 15% (previously 10%).

The WOW developers clearly point out that until the release of the changes can still change details. So if you want to know exactly on March 30, 2022 exactly what was adapted, then just look past us on current performance. Until then you can already form a first opinion: how does it fall?

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