Drake, from Drake and Josh, reveals why the reboot of the series was canceled

Drake, from Drake and Josh, reveals why the reboot of the series was canceled

Since 2019, it was mentioned that a new series of Drake and Josh was already being developed by Nickelodeon . Obviously, the project never materialized and we never had an exact answer of why, but thanks to recent declarations of the Drake Bell , we already have a better idea of ​​what happened.

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In case you were not aware, currently Drake and your wife, Janet von Schmeling , drive a podcast called Drake & Janet, and it was here where they mentioned that so much Drake and * Josh * had rejected the script of this Reboot project because it was full of “racist and xenophobic insults”.

“The premise was quite rare for me. He (Josh Peck) wanted you only acting and that he was producer, screenwriter and executive producer. I think something that Josh does not know is why we left the Reboot Project (Restart). We asked Josh’s agent to change him (the script) to a country that did not exist, but they refused. “

On the other hand, Janet mentioned that Josh wanted the character from him to be “this successful real estate seller”, while that of Drake would be a “unsuccessful musician”, something that obviously did not seem to him A Drake .

In general, the proposed script portrayed very badly for Mexico , and considering that Drake is a great fan of our country, he did not agree with the idea and his producers did not accept to modify the script they already had.

Editor’s Note: It is a pity that this project has never been completed, but if the script was like that as described, maybe it was the best. I doubt a lot that Nickelodeon or some other producer has intentions to resume it, especially because both actors no longer want to move forward with it.

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