The Witcher 4: Developers confirm theory

The Witcher 4: Developers confirm theory

Only recently announced CD project Red The Witcher 4 \ – or however it ultimately, which is called in close cooperation with EPIC Games. At the same time, the developer studio published a first official artwork, on which a witcher amulet is visible. That’s exactly what has taken care of some speculation immediately. One of the resulting theories have confirmed the developers now .

This fan theory around The Witcher 4 is confirmed

The community has device which animal symbol represents the amulet. At first, there were guesses that it could be an amulet of the “School of the Cat” . However, there are some small differences in the details of the animal head. For this reason, a little later, the theory occurred that on the amulet a lynx could be seen. This in turn has now been confirmed by CD project Red . The Global Communication Manager Robert Malinowski brought the corresponding message.

if it's NOT the Witcher 4... What is it?
_ “Okay, some secrets should not be so mysterious. I can confirm that the medallion is shaped after a lynx.” _

Accordingly, all those fans lie properly who have claimed from the beginning that it can not be an amulet of the “School of the Cat”. But even if there is an official confirmation from the developer, many questions are open \ – and you should trigger further speculation.

Is Ciri the star in the new Witcher game?

How the fans of the Witcher Universe certainly know is Ciri connected to the “School of the Cat”. Therefore, the first speculation after emerging the artworks assumed that she could be the main character of the new game. However, as it is quite officially to be a lynx, this possibility seems to be exhausted – or not? Neither in the novels nor in the games of The Witcher is heard from a “School of the Lynx” .

Is this a completely new school in which Ciri is represented? The lynx could therefore be considered as a link between the “School of the Cat” and the “School of the Wolf” (trained CIRI). The waiting time to the release of The Witcher 4 you can distribute ourselves with the complete witcher saga in the form of nine novels.

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