Microsoft Flight Simulator, eighth update of the world

Microsoft Flight Simulator, eighth update of the world

Soon two years after the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC, Microsoft continues to offer updates with its eighth world update, which mainly concerns Spain and Portugal. Indeed, developers always work on the increase in the details and fidelity of the regions seen from above.

eighth update of the world, Spain on the program

Microsoft Flight Simulator will still gain realism in the Pyrenees and Iberian region via this new patch. Indeed, the Focus is turned on Spain, Portugal, Andorra but also the Strait of Gibraltar. In addition to more realistic mountain landscapes and on the coast, this update includes four hand-designed airports, 99 tailored points of interest, four bush trips, four unpublished discovery flights and five new challenges. landing.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - World Update 8 ANNOUNCEMENT: Spain and Portugal

How to get this update on Microsoft Flight Simulator?

To discover all the treasures of this region, you just have to download this new patch and go unlock it for free shopping. This update is available from Thursday, March 24, for PC and Xbox players (One and Series X and S). No additional manipulation or DLC is required to obtain this content, as are the previous (and future) updates of the world.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 therefore offers its eighth update of the world with a focus on Spain and Portugal. For more information about the new flight simulator, you will find our updated summary of all Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

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