GTA Online: Fan classifies all players in 18 classes

GTA Online: Fan classifies all players in 18 classes

In GTA online you can behave as behavior and (next to it), as you are just funny. Despite the great freedom, a fan on Reddit has now divided all GTA players in exactly 18 different types. Do you find yourself in his listing between Chiller, Outfitter and Scramjetter?

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Even if the player’s community of GTA online is huge, varied and above all, a gamer has divided them to reddit in a total of 18 types – with a good sense of details and humor. The post office has already provided for neat conversation ** in the community and conceded over 7000 upvotes. But which of the groups does you belong?

GTA Online: Do you recognize these 18 player classes?

Whether total beginner or retired professionals, nasty grief or friendly helpers: in these 18 game categories of Reddit-User Therealmicahbell you will find (pretty much) all GTA online gamers again:

In his post, Therealmicahbell has classified all “GTA Online” Gamers in Catgeorien and each provided with their typical properties – from the hated gritts to the (possibly) Godset Scramjettern . Among its categories include:

  • The six-year-old: asks every female figure, if she wants to be his girlfriend. Try to kill and fail. Has already bought 17 Megalodon cards and the whole money for cars are detited.
  • The Chiller: Looks TV if he does not drive his car through the area. Listen to radio when he sits in the car and let other players ride. Located 90 percent of the time in passive mode.
  • The superreiche: has too much money. Owns all cars. Do not stop to Grinden.
  • The Outfitter: has invested 17.6 million in his style. Therefore spend 50 percent of his time in his wardrobe. Play female characters because there are more style options for you.
  • Helpful: helps beginners. Gives you 80 percent of the prey. Try to kill Grief.

Are you looking forward to GTA 6? Fans betrayed here what they want from the game:

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