Survey: What note would

Survey: What note would

Gran Turismo 7 has come out for a few weeks now, and you know what it means! The last Sony driving simulator has received wonderful criticism just before its launch, but it is fair to say that the PlayStation exclusive has had to endure a difficult route since.

We attributed to the game an extremely positive note of 9/10 in our magazine Gran Turismo 7 PS5, concluding that “Gran Turismo 7 is a game for everyone: race enthusiasts, novices and all those who are between the of them “. High praises.

But again, the obsessively detailed runner has recently encountered problems. To begin, just after the launch, currency gains in the game of some tracks and events have been reduced, pushing players potentially to microTransactions. Then, shortly after this controversy, the GT7 servers were put offline for about 24 hours, preventing players from playing a large part of the game. All this led GT7 to be bombarded on Metacritic, where he now commands the The lower average use of users of all exclusives Playstation of all time.

Don't Sleep With Your Door Open
Despite all this, GT7 seems to sell very well. He has been at the top of the UK sales records for three consecutive weeks. Impressive.

But what do you think of Gran Turismo 7? Is it a really great game abandoned by stupid decisions? Or is it a disappointing episode of Sony’s flagship driving series? Vote in our polls, then do not forget to brake in the comments section below.

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