Together in the battle: How to find all legendary ghosts in Elden Ring

Together in the battle: How to find all legendary ghosts in Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers players extremely many ways to deal with the complex game world and to deny the challenging fights – one of the reasons why we have sung on the role play in our test such a praise song. And if you already know our entry-level tips, you know sure that it is simply easier to fight together.

ATTENTION SPOILER: In the following article we reveal you the locations of legendary ghosts, where we have to go into future areas and boss fights.

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Page 1. Imitation Tread, TICE of black blade and pure stop knights finlaynext side

Page 2. Lhutel of the headless, red teeth ogha and dragon knight Kristoff

Page 3. Picture gallery to “Elden Ring: all locations of legendary ghost panes”

This means that not only the unconventional multiplayer is meant, but also the brand new ghosts. So that you can use the benefits, you first need the ghost-call bell , one of the most important items in the game. While you start with jellyfish and wolves, you can later even call a copy of yourself. Here are the six legendary ghost panels in the game.

Imitator’s tab

The beginning does the ghost ash named Imitation Teams already in the community . Although the in the past patch has got a small damper, she should still be the strongest ashes of the game and continues to trivial some heavy boss fights.

So that you can summon a powerful copy of you with the help of the Imitator’s tab, but you must first find the item. After the victory over Radahn you can go down in a hole below the fog forest in Limgrave and gets to Nokron , the eternal city. There you will find after a boss and some park tours the legendary imitator tranene ash.

Ashes of TICH black blade

If, on the other hand, you want to fight the Assassin TICHE for you, you must first complete a large part of the quest series of Ranni’s sorceress. When you arrived on the moonlight altar , you go to the seal prison of the head and defeat the boss waiting for you. As a reward then beckons the legendary ghost pitch of Teche of the black blade .

Ashes of the Reinbook-Knightin Finlay

The ashes of the Reinauen-Knightin Finlay is probably the ashes, which will be the latest in the game of the game: it is located in Elphael, branch of the Haligbaum, a latege area that can only be reached about the well-hidden consecrated snowfield. The starting point at the ashesearch is the place of grace “prayer room”.

Run down through the door and three staircases, then jump over the railing where you can see one of the red diebugs with his ball. On the left side, you should now see a pass that is guarded by a knight. Within the room there is also a rot knight guarding a treasure chest. The box carries the searched ashes of the Reinbauen-Knightin Finlay.

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Page 1 Imitation Tread, TICE of the black blade and pure stop knights finlay

Page 2 Lhutel of the headless, red teeth ogha and dragon knight Kristoff

Page 3 picture gallery to Elden Ring: All locations of legendary ghost panels

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