All new locations, attractions and POI in Fortnite, Chapter 3, Season 2

Seasonal changes and updates in Fortnite mean a lot of fresh, exciting additions and many completely new things and places that can be opened. The map has undergone some changes by adding new locations and updating some existing areas around the world. When the construction is disabled, players must adapt accordingly and use their surroundings. Fortunately, these new landmarks and locations offer shelter and shelter and facilitate the task.

While the seven leads a full-scale war, the map gradually turns into a real combat area. There are signs of crater scattered around the fields of military battles and giant airships above their heads. Some existing locations have been updated by barricades, banners and combat signs. On the map there were completely new locations with original features, vehicles and surprises, ready for research. Here are all new locations, attractions and POIs that you will discover for yourself in this exciting second season of chapter 3.

New locations and attractions in Fortnite


  • Koni Perekrestok
  • Station Sinaps.
  • Rocky Reels (Updated)
  • Fortress
  • Condo Canyon
  • Inclined towers (updated)
  • Daily Mountain (updated)
  • Command Cave


  • Criste crater
  • Chateau Choppin
  • Washing marina
  • Avolanpost jerk
  • Catastrophic crater
  • Dispatch depot
  • Avolanpost Epsilon
  • Ruins
  • Landing the looper
  • Okun.
  • Hidden settlement
  • Scout crater

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