Best Tips for Protection Mode in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Simulator

Best Tips for Protection Mode in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Simulator

Protection mode is a portal that teleports players on a separate arena, where they must protect their central star from the waves of enemies. This is a great way to earn unique awards, such as MULTI-OPENS. These multi-opening greatly simplify receiving rare characters you need.

You can find these protection mode portals on several different islands – in Crazy Town, Walled City, Cursed High, Lucky Kingdom and Divine Colosseum. The further you scroll the list of islands, the more difficult the modes become. However, none of them turns out to be an easy task. Considering the award that you can get, try. Here are some tips on how to pass the protection mode in the most efficient way.

Combine with friends

Combine with friends makes this regime much easier. Although the defense can be held alone, it is recommended that you have DPS 30B +. If you have other players or friends who can jump with you into the portal, the process will be more smooth. You will have quickly R time takeaway waves and both of you can focus on several inputs at the same time .

Use Mauntah

This is a good idea Use mount when completing this mode. Mounts significantly increase the speed of your player , depending on what attachment you use. Mats leave several entrances to the arena, which means that you need to be able to move as quickly as possible. Mounts make this task more manageable and help you easily get to each entrance.

Equip a few fighters

You want to have as many fighters as possible not only to fight with multiple enemies immediately, but to enhance your DPS . Although you start the game only with three slots, you can purchase this skip, which allows you to equip five fighters at the same time. If you do not want to spend Robux on them, you can unlock them for free by performing tests for the smaller and average time you need in your update menu. Having as many equipped fighters as possible, you will significantly increase your chances of passing defense.

Use strengthening

Before the protection mode begins, you need use some raises . These bonuses can increase your damage, increase the number of yen and other important advantages. It is best to focus on Bust damage and a boost drill . It will help you to kill enemies faster and increase your chances of getting more awards by the end. The gain can be obtained by purchasing them in the Test Test Store, rotating the daily wheel or by following the task to get them in the improvement menu.


Use collector fighters

As with the use of acceleration, some fighters have special features that will help you in performing various tasks. Collectors will increase your chances of obtaining items . You want to equip your best fighters for the protection mode, but you can also think about the use of your collectors if you have them. It will give you Increased chance to get more multi-opening by the end of the mode.

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