ELDEN ring status effects explains: every status effect and what he causes

ELDEN ring status effects explains: every status effect and what he causes

While players fight in Elden Ring against dangerous enemies, they almost guarantee a symbol of a status effect. It can be a bit difficult to understand each individual without getting up from them, but everyone is very dangerous. However, these status effects can also be added opponents with the right tools. The knowledge of all status effects in Elden Ring is crucial for anyone exploring the Lands Between – especially if he opens against other players.

All elden ring status effects

This status is activated after your bar has filled. You can see how the bar fills when they are affected by a status. Players should assume that every enemy has his own hidden bar who fills themselves when attacked by a weapon or ability to inflict the status. Each status has its own use and is marked with a special icon:

  • Madness – The symbol looks like a yellow, pierced eye. Damages health and takes some FP away when it is added. There are only a few places where a player can be added madness. His usability is lacking in the form of spells and weapons; The player has to explore pretty much to find these spells, and they are only really useful against other players or NPCs.
  • Death Drill – The symbol looks like a top black mass. Will kill the victim immediately when it is added. There are more sources of death to death worldwide, and its usability outside the PVP is again poor. However, it is much stronger than madness, as it is so instantaneous.
  • Gift – The symbol looks like four green, luminous bubbles. Deposits HP slowly when it is added. Gift is an incredibly frequent status effect, but many enemies can also be affected. Gift is easy to heal and for players not as harmful as other status effects, but due to its low damage, it is not very useful tool against enemies.
  • Scarlet – The symbol looks like four red balls with veins that come out of them. Will escape HP quickly when added. Generally fatal for players, harder to heal and more effectively against less enemies. However, there are better spells and skills that can add scarlet to their enemies. Scarlet is one of the most annoying consequences und as a result one of the most useful ones.
  • Frost – The symbol looks like a white-blue wound. Damages health, reduces damage absorption and reduces the restoration of stamina when it is added. Not many enemies use this status effect, and there are many weapons and skills that enable the player to use frost. It can be annoying to handle it when it comes to one, but the existence of frost is generally helpful for players.

Elden Ring early guide to status effects and basic damage
* Blood loss – The symbol looks like a red, bloody wound. The health will severely damage if it is added. Bleed is one of the most common statuses that players will find. Almost every opponent in the game is weak and it can be extremely useful in both PVP and PVE battles.
* Sleep – The symbol looks like a blue, closed eye. Will play players temporarily except fight if it is added. Many enemies are immune to sleep, but numerous enemies – including certain boss-duos – are surprisingly weak against it. Only very few enemies will add this status so that it focuses almost exclusively on use by the player.

In a sense, the best status effects for Elden Ring Players are frost, blood loss and sleep. Anyone who is interested in adding this status should improve his Arcane attribute as much as possible. If you make the most of them, these effects allow the player to make a smooth ride throughout the game, no matter what enemies he could meet.

ELDENRING is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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