The Sims 4: EA builds popular SIMS-3

The Sims 4: EA builds popular SIMS-3

It comes to the neighborhood of the Sims 4! After EA and Maxis have started in the end of last year with improvements in the NPCs, now followed by another free update that brings even more changes.

The SIMS 4: Neighborhood stories will be even better

With the first moment of content for the neighborhood stories system, Maxis initially has only SIMS with its own decisions that are related to your active household. Now it is now properly stated.

Because now will lead all SIMS to a neighborhood a self-employed life and develop continuously. The following actions can run Neighborhood Sims now:

  • Adopt babies and toddlers

  • Become pregnant, the probability is higher in family-oriented sims

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* Adopt a dog or a cat (assuming the SIMS 4 dogs and cats is installed)

  • Take a career or leave, seniors can go in pension

  • Draw on land and pull away from them

  • Come about living for different accidents

(Source: EA)

You determine what the neighborhood Sims may

Of course, you keep the complete check about whether your neighbors can meet these decisions at all. For this you can now make individual settings in the start window under “Managing households”.

For example, you can decide whether these life changes should only apply to “my households” or “other households”. The above actions can also be individually displayed or deselected. If you will not be a fan of the neighborhood stories, you can deactivate them even globally per score .

Finally, the mailbox gets a new interaction missed : “See the latest neighborhood stories”. So you can check what happened in your neighborhood everything. Because the changes of life take place outside the active household, even if you do not come into contact with the neighborhood Sims.

The circumference of the SIMS 4 is now so gigantic that many practical functions simply go down. Do you know these secret tricks? _

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