Irving cracks personal record in the NBA

Irving cracks personal record in the NBA

The Berlin brothers Moritz and Franz Wagner were live in the same way as Kyrie Irving made so many points as never in his NBA career – but as heavily beaten opponents.

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60 points achieved Irving at the 150: 108 of the Brooklyn Nets against Orlando Magic and met every eight threesome of his team.

“After the first half we wanted to prevent him from getting the ball in the hands – not even that was really working. Such players can not be comfortable early,” said Franz Wagner, who came to 16 meters. Moritz Wagner had 17, but that was not interested in Orlando this evening.

Speaking topic number one was the idea of ​​Irving, who is not entitled to play for the lack of corona vaccination in New York, and thus became the first player of NBA history, which scored 60 points after a break.

“It felt like he had all my career highlights in the first twelve minutes of the game,” said coach Steve Nash over the Point Guard.

Even the Kevin Durant outstanding on Sunday against the New York Knicks with 53 points was only a helper at the Irving Show with his 19 meters. Durant and Irving are now the first teammates of NBA history, which achieved at least 50 points in successive games. Only day before, Karl-Anthony Towns had scored 60 points for the Minnesota Timberwolves and thus reached the season’s order, Irving now equalized.

“If you make many points as a child, that means something. If you make it here in this league, against the best athletes, then it means something more,” Irving said after his career repair. In the first half alone, he already posted 41 points. More recently the big Kobe Bryant had with his 42 in March 2003.

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