No Mans Sky: Get freighter for free

No Mans Sky: Get freighter for free

NO MAN’S SKY: Freighter dust and get started

Freighters are huge stations in all. They are also available to such a base, and even free. You will get a free freighter as follows:

No Man's Sky Beyond Update ✅ How To Get ANY S CLASS Freighter For FREE!
1. Warp into new systems.
2. Normally you will see a freighter who is attacked at the fifth time at the latest. By emergency signal you will be asked to help.
3. Fight the enemy pirates. Did you defeat all the pirates, you will be asked on board the freighter.

There, the commander of gratitude offers you the freighter. Usually, this is a freighter of the C-Class. For the beginning this is not a problem, after all, it’s about getting to know this page of the game. The freighter is the basis for the organization of the fleet, which you can now build with frigates to send them across expeditions across the galaxies, which brings you various rewards.

You can then buy more freighters higher classes if they see them and possess the necessary change. Fly the freighter for it and enter it; In conversation with the captain on the command bridge there is then the purchase option. Several hundred million credits are due for the really good freighter, a lucrative farm is very useful for financing.

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