Free Hitman and Shadowrun on Epic Games Store

Free Hitman and Shadowrun on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store brought two new gifts for this week, Hitman and the Shadowrun collection. Hitman includes all the locations of Season 1, but does not include the Zero patient campaign. The additional campaign will cost $ 15.99 to players. The Shadowrun collection, however, includes all that shadowrun fans can expect from RPG Jordan Weisman. The two free gifts from Epic Games Store This week are essential titles, and EPIC continues to offer quality gaming experiences for free.

The Hitman Basic Game offers only all the contents of the first season, but the game of the game of the game will only cost $ 15.99 to the fans and includes the “Patient Zero” campaign with 4 new missions, Y Including new mechanisms and game features, 3 new theme climbing contracts, 3 new weapons and 3 new outfits. The free Hitman offer is a great way for players who could not try the game otherwise to give him a game before deciding if the full package is suitable for them or not.

The Shadowrun collection includes everything you can expect from the Tactical RPG to a player in a player. The collection includes three main rooms: Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director Cut and Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition. The Director Cut of the game adds a plethora of new contents and improvements to the original game: 5 new missions, alternative ends, a new music, a redesigned interface, team personalization options, a rebellious combat system and more content.

Hitman and Shadowrun Free from Epic games store
Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition is considered an end-of-game content for Shadowrun and it includes the brand new Shadows of Hong Kong bonus campaign over 6 hours.

Are you going to download Hitman or the Shadowrun Collection via Epic Games Store this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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