This is what will come to Battlefield 2042 in the future

This is what will come to Battlefield 2042 in the future

Since its launch last year, EA and says have been incorporating all kinds of changes to improve the experience of _ Battlefield 2042 . The community has been quite a vocal as to some of the improvements they would like to see implemented in the _shooter, and it seems that their developers have been listening because they already announced what will include the next important update of the game.

The scoreboard will eventually return to _ Battlefield 2042 _, which shows the players of both teams as well as useful data including murders, deaths, and assistance. We know that this is a pretty basic concept, but the scoreboard that has the game is currently terrible. The good news is that this scoreboard has already reached the game today.

FINALLY Battlefield 2042 HAS a Scoreboard in 2022!

In April we have another important function: voice chat. Another function that should have been present during the launch of _ Battlefield 2042 _Finally will be incorporated into the game, so watch preparing your microphone if it is that You want to interact with the other players in the game.

Editor’s note: At least EA is listening to the community and it seems that many of the initial complaints are being served by their developers. I say, many of these problems have not even have existed to begin with, but we can not do anything else to propose new ideas.

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