Ghostrunner: Project_hel.

Ghostrunner: Project_hel.

Ghostrunner Project Hel 4K PC Gameplay
For the first-person action title Ghostrunner, the Project_Hel DLC is now available. For 15 euros, players hatch on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC into the skin of Hel, one of the Boss Erste from the basic game. HEL is pursuing her own goals within the Dharma Tower and has combat-oriented skills that can be improved by its independent progress system. The six new levels of DLC also offer players as usual rapid parkour action with plenty of wall runs, jumps and evasive maneuvers. The whole thing is garnished with new enemy types, bosses and six new songs of the Electro-Musician Daniel Deluxe.

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