All full skill branches in Horizon Forbidden West

All full skill branches in Horizon Forbidden West

In total, Horizon Forbidden West has six extensive skills trees in which Elo can invest. These trees are called a warrior, a catcher, a hunter, surviving, a lazium and master of cars. Each skill tree has a certain type of weapon and the battle style that it improves. We will analyze each of these trees and tell you that you need to know players before investing in them.

Tree Skills Warrior

Warrior skills tree focuses on giving ela more soil attacks and improved skills with a warrior onion. This tree offers good support to the player who wants to be close to his enemies. Here are all the skills available in this tree.

The explosion of the resonator – Elo’s spear is filled with energy over time. After a complete charge, it can use a charged attack to put an energy disk into its goal. Then players can shoot the arrow to this disk before it disappears to apply additional damage.
Nora Warrior – Combo Middle Battle, which knocks on the legs of small enemies and stuns larger cars.
* Block Destroyer – Combination of the melee, which breaks the enemy unit.
* The explosion of the resonator + – causes the resonator blast to be charged faster.
* Damage in the near battle – Middle-fight attacks will apply more damage.
Critical blow + – critical strikes cause more damage.
* charged duration – enemies will remain under a longer voltage.
* Damage to the resonator – Resonator Blast now causes more damage.
Air strike / jump – jump from enemies to change the position and shoot out onion with a slowdown.
Power attack + – charged attacks cause more damage.
Distribution shot – shoots five arles from the warrior onion.
Extension of the resonator – Resonator Blast is charging faster.
Detonator of the melee – shoots a special arrow from a warrior onion, which explodes when attacking in the near battle.
Blasting Fire – shoots the queue from the warrior onion three arrows.
Crescent Slash – Combo Melee, which is approaching enemies.
Shredder – a combination of the melee, which is slow, but applies additional damage.
Rotating braid – Aoe attack with rotation in the near battle.
Middle battle power – a splash of valor, which for a short time increases Elo’s damage in the near battle.
Energy surge ** – a combination of a melee, which quickly charges the spear of elo.

tree skills catcher

The skill of the catcher, as it sounds, focuses on the strengthening of her traps and stretch marks. This includes an increase in the number that it can record at one point in time. In addition to adding goods, it also adds skills characteristic of tripcaster and cable cable cable.

  • Fast Catcher – puts traps faster.
  • Experienced garbage collector – get more resources, breaking her traps.
  • Asshive artisan – Install traps a little faster.
  • Limit traps – increased the number of traps that can be installed.
  • Persistent Catcher – Elo is more resistant to damage from its own traps.
  • Elementary rage – a splash of valor, reinforcing natural effects.
  • Duration of food – the effect of eating will last longer.
  • Quick Wire – Instead of placing every end of stretching separately, players can activate this skill for accommodation and automatic stretching.
  • Penetrating rope – The cable cable caster can now be connected to any part of the creature, including armored parts of the machine, without recharging.
    Traps specialist – Valor’s burst, which makes traps more powerful.

Tree hunter skills

The hunter skills tree allows an eloe to apply more damage from afar with a boltball and bows of the hunter. This is one of the most necessary skill trees in different styles of the game in Horizon Forbidden West. These abilities will help Eloe to become the best archer.

  • Concentration + – increases the concentration time.
  • Deep concentration – The concentration is slower slower.
  • Concentration Regeneration – The concentration is restored faster.
  • High volley – Hunting bow releases the arrows into the air, which for a short time fell on the target of the rain.
  • The spread of the explosion – Bolbluster shoots eight bolts at a time.
  • Master of a burst of valoring – Valor’s burst is charged faster.
  • weapon endurance + – weapon endurance is slower slower.
  • Endurance Restoration – Elo is faster restores endurance.
  • Ampass expert – Create more ammunition for the same amount of resources.
  • Heavy weapon + – heavy weapons will apply more damage.
    Triple cutout – Add up to two additional arrows on the hunter’s bow to shoot.
    Stable explosion – BoltBlaster can now immediately release a complete clip, standing still.
  • Powerful shots – valve burst, which charges a certain number of shots after activation.
  • Vistak Expert – Ammunition cheaper to create on the workbenks.
  • Knockouting a shot – a shot of a hunting bow, which does not cause damage, but knocks down enemies from the legs.
    Ultra shot – shot a boltballster, which will go much further.

Tree surviving skills

Survivor Survivor’s Tree is focused on giving ela more opportunities for treating when it is in danger. In addition to improving the potions and natural health restoration, there are two types of weapons with which Survivor skills tree gives skills. These include the glove of chopper and bomb slings.

  • Powerful medicine – Medicinal berries treat eloe more.
  • Low health restoration – Restore health over time when ela’s health is below 25%.
  • Low health protection – elo will resist greater damage when its health is below 25%.
  • Jumping bomb – bombs released in the ground can bounce up to three times, causing more damage.
    Triple chopper – Three shredder mittens throw away at once.
  • Hardened – a splash of valor, which increases resistance to damage and restoring health.
  • Potion – Drink potions faster, and they will be treated longer.
  • Capacity of medicine – Keep more potions at the same time.
  • Complete when you hit – Get a prowess from the murder of enemies.
  • Blast evasion – Damage back, shooting bombs.

  • Mine chopper – Shredders mittens can be placed as mines.
  • Experbs – imposes an additional shield on the basic health of Elo.
  • Low health – Apply more damage at a distance when health is below 25%.
  • Middle Low Health Fight – Apply more damage in melee when health is below 25%.
  • Sticky bomb – shoots a bomb that sticks.
  • Plant collector – Get more resources from plants.
    Power shredder – Shredder will cause more damage, but will not return.

Tree Scout Skills

Stealth is an excellent ability to act in wild conditions, when dealing with machines that suppress the player. The Scout Skill Tree allows an eloe less noticeable outside the red grass, and also gives advantages for secret attacks. This tree also gives skills for Sharpshot and Hunter.

  • Silent blow + – Apply more damage to her silent blows.
  • Imperformity Far Boy + – Apply more damage to it onions from secrecy.
  • Hidden tear + – Apply more damage from tears while in secure.
  • Healing from a silent blow – silent blows are healing elo.
  • Capacity of the smoke checker – wear more smoke checkers immediately.

Horizon Forbidden West Best Weapons & How To Get Them (All Horizon Forbidden West Legendary Weapons)
* Silent movement – Skinny quiet.
* Low profile – eloe is harder to notice when it mits between red grass and / or shelter.
* Quiet spear – Middle-fight attacks have become quieter.
* silent blow – get more endurance and valid from silent blows.
* Resistant shot – a sharp shot of a bow, which explodes when hitting.
* Double recess – Cut up to two arrows from the bow Sharpshot.
Focused shot – a splash of valor, which increases the sight and damage, throwing everything dangerous to the ground.

Tree Skills Masters Machine

Master of cars is a tree of skills that enhances Elo’s abilities. This ability will become more and more useful as the player completes more and more boilers in the game. These skills will increase health, damage and much more redefined machine.

  • Horse protection – get less damage in the saddle.
  • Long overridency – overrides are valid longer on the selected machine.
    • Machine damage ** – redefined machines cause more damage than initially.
  • Trap with spikes – Abandoned spikes can now be thrown into the ground with this ability to create additional traps.
  • Moving spike – this skill with the addition of reactive movement to the spike to throw it further and apply more target damage.
  • Condition of the car – an overloaded elo car will have more health than other machines of the same type.
  • Headlet – Move a little faster, keeping heavy weapons in hands.
  • Effective repair – Elo can repair its hill for less than a smaller amount of metal fragments.
  • Machine elemental + – Eloe’s overloaded machines will apply more spontaneous damage.
  • Separating spike – Throw spike that is divided into three spears.
  • Operate subroutines – Install the overloaded computer into aggressive or protective mode.
    Horse archer – Apply more damage onions in the saddle.
  • Chain bust – enemies grouped together will receive damage from the members of their group located nearby.

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