Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is full of challenges and dangers. Who complains about too heavy fights, should try it once with cooking: Link can produce from collected ingredients not only meals, but also medicine and special potions that make you ** special bonuses or make even stronger.

We show you all the recipes that the game offers how you use different effects and what else you need to notice when cooking.

Table of contents :

  • This is how cooking works
  • All cooking recipes and ingredients
  • All recipes for medicine
  • Extra ingredients for status effects
  • roasted ingredients
  • Frozen ingredients
  • recipe for the old man



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Last update on March 5, 2022 : We have revised the complete article for you, added all recipes and more important information for cooking.

That’s how you can cook in Breath of the Wild

Link does not carry the entire adventure with a portable kitchen. Instead, you have to look in the open world, the villages and other places after cooking points. As long as a fire brodels under this, you can use them to make one of the numerous recipes. But not always the cooking station is already spotted with a fire.

You can do that to ignite a hob :

  • Is looking for a source of fire, such as a torch or lamp, and ignites the hob
  • Beats with a metal weapon and a flint near the cooking point, the sparks ignite them.
  • Leave red mucus jelly from fire mucus beside the cooking point and the explosion sparks the fire.

Cooking faster : If you are very annoyed, from the animation while cooking, then you can cancel this with x at any time. So you can cook the ingredients faster.

All cooking recipes and ingredients to fill up hearts

Below you will find all cooking recipes that you can cook in Breath of the Wild. These are the standard recipes, which you can then improve through additional ingredients. (Via Zeldapendium)

Medicine Recipes: Spurt, Schleich-, Endurance & Fitness Drinks

In addition to the normal cooking recipes, there are also medicine. This creates you from monster parts and a specific insect. If you mix that together, then you get drinks that give you temporarily more defense, stealth, endurance and much more. (Via Zeldapendium)

Cooking recipes by improving extra ingredients with status effects

You can improve the normal recipes with status effects. To do this, you simply add one of the following ingredients to the normal recipe and beautiful you get a new effect additionally.

  • Cold protection (temporary) – Chili
  • more defense (temporary) – armor crab, armor carp
  • More stamina (temporary) – endurance honey
  • More healing \ – all maxi ingredients
  • Scrapes improve (temporary) – Schleichglöckchen, Schleichling
  • Move faster (temporary) – Spurt Carrot, Spurtling

Roasted ingredients

How to roast your ingredients Leave an ingredient that can be roasted, fall right next to a campfire or an open fire and it is roasted. For this, the food brings a 50 percent improved healing effect, but can not be used for proper recipes.

These are the ingredients that can be roasted :

  • Boiled egg
  • Grill-style poultry
  • Grill Edelwild

  • Grill poultry
  • Grill luxury poultry
  • Grill luxury game
  • Grill wild
  • Big Röstrübe
  • Roasted Chili
  • Roasted Edeltruffle
  • Roasted Fit Carot
  • Röst-FrostMelon
  • Roasted hyrule mushroom
  • Roasted-Maxi-Barsch
  • Roasted Maxi Durian
  • Roasted maxi salmon
  • Roasted maxi shell
  • Roasted Palmfrucht
  • Roasted grass
  • Roasted Armor Turbis
  • Roasted slaughter
  • Roasted Sword Banana
  • Roasted sword grass
  • Roasted Spurt Carot
  • Roast Spurtlotos
  • Roasted truffle
  • Roasted game berry
  • Roasted-shiver fruit
  • Röpfel
  • Rottus
  • Roastable
  • Roast
  • Röstichel
  • Röstfittling
  • Roast trout
  • Roasted Frostling
  • Roasted gluten
  • Roast carp
  • Roasted chestnut
  • Roast crab
  • Röstrübe
  • Röstrüstelle
  • Roasting
  • Röstschnaper
  • Röstschwert
  • RöstSpurtling
  • Röstzitterling

Frozen ingredients

So your ingredients freeze: Let your ingredients fall in cold areas, then these are frozen. This will give you, if you eat them, a temporary heat protection for a minute. As roasted ingredients can also be used frozen no more than ingredients for normal recipes.

These are the ingredients that can be frozen :

  • Frozen trout
  • Frozen crab
  • Frozen maxi shell
  • Frozen sea brass
  • Frozen snail
  • Frozen perch
  • Frozen carp
  • Frozen maxi-perch
  • Frozen maxi salmon
  • Frozen noble poultry
  • Frozen noid
  • Frozen poultry
  • Frozen luxury poultry
  • Frozen luxury game
  • Frozen wild

Recipe for the old man: sharp grill plate

In the course of the tutorial on the plateau, you will at some point a clothes that protects you from the cold. On the way to the shrine in the south (WA-Modai shrine) you will find a wooden hut in which a diary of the old is located. As a result, you learn the recipe “Sharp Grill Plate”. You need this:

  • 1x fish (Hyrule-perch)
  • 1x wild meat
  • 1x chili

Give the plate to the old man : You have cooked the recipe, then you should return to the old man and give it to him. As a reward, you will receive the winter wam, who can be safely traveled by the cold. Alternatively, you can eat the grill plate yourself and for a short time you are protected against the cold.


  • These are the best armor
  • The complete card of the game world, all areas and interactive Map
  • Find master sword and pull out of the stone

Krog seeds help cooking : Not directly, but Krog seeds are extremely important to get more space in your inventory. Normally there are 900 that you can find on the entire map. But with a new exploit you can easily duplicate crown seeds.

Did you find other cool recipes? Write us in the comments!

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