[Reporter notebook] War that came out of the screen, we do what we do

[Reporter notebook] War that came out of the screen, we do what we do

The reality and virtual boundaries are blurred as the day is cloudy. It is also enthusiastic that the whole world is here again the old name of the meta bus. But there is only things that should only stay in the screen, but there is only things that can not protrude into reality, and the war is the best. The number of persons of many people who want to be a reality is colorless, and February 24, Russia is really exceeded the Ukrainian border, and the front of the two countries began.

In fact, the Russian armed dispute is not a new truth at all. One of the Bilies of the war, Ukraine, the East Don Bas, the Round Harbor Donbas, has been continuing since the merger of the Cream Peninsula in Russia in 2014. Although it is called ‘civil war’, the Russian army has a context. If you go back, Russia lasted the war through the first and second wars against the Czech Republic to declare separate independence since 1994. In 2008, he supported Nam Oseti, who was prejudicated, and a war with Georgia.

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However, the impact of the entire execution of the country spreading in modern is still strong. The sacrifice of the non-shinergarten, the sovereignty of the country, and the possibility of human rights oil. The recurrence of World War II is also the reason that the world feels fear.

There are few people who wanted to see the border of the Russian flagship bag again. But after some ‘little’, the scene eventually became reality. At the first day, 137 people died at the air raid in Ukrainian capital Kiu (Russian Name Kyiv). According to the announcement of the 28th, the civilian victims have increased to 352. Of these, 14 are children. On March 1, a full-fledged airstit occurred in the civilian residential area of ​​the second city Haruki, and once again, many civilians died and injured. The transcripts of the two armies are estimated to be thousands of people.

Rainty image enhanced Russia

In North America and Western Europe, Russia (and the Soviet) were quite a ‘dangerous country’ for quite a long time. This setting was better popular in the United States, which was confronted with the Cold War order. In the United States Creator, Russia is a counterpart to use as a ‘villain state’. The state of the United States, the state and history, which is in charge of accomplished surfaces in the main character, has little in addition to Russia.

When you talk to the game industry, you have a good condition of Russia’s own and vast weapons system of Russia. As a result of the competition in the Cold War, Russia and the United States have a lot of mutual weapons in Russia and the United States. It is a condition that is advantageous for balancing the balance as the “enemy” of the game design.

In fact, Russia and the Soviet Union are , , , (Relative to reality with reality in the Soviet Union) I often appeared in the work of the assiminated scenario, and it was depicted as an enemy for the US military and boiled.

This was a steady opinion that it is unfair and enhanced unnecessary prejudices. In particular, it is a “police officer of the free world”, but the consumer and criticism that feel inflammation in the US ‘s way to pursue the attention of the trial intervention, the more criticism of criticism. It is anxiety about the other countries depicting only other countries as an axis.

However, the prejudice and the prejudice of Russia called ‘dangerous country that may cause the third World War. The sad thing is that during the Russians, it is not less than a person who opposes this war or forced it.

For example, in the inside of Russia, a peace urging protest was held immediately after invasion. However, the protest news was not relatively well known as the government’s rapid suppression and subsequent air raids. Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Meanwhile, Many Russian groups caught in Ukraine, have been the same as the “Military Training,” I did not know the real invasion, “he said. If the official “Russia = Danger” is this in the ghost, if you reinforce it back to the world’s mind, the damage will go back to all dose Russians that opposed the war.

Already Russia is becoming a “uncomfortable material” in the game. On the 25th day of invasion, Dice canceled the Weekly Mission Content in progress in the Battlefield 2042. Russian military helicopter MI-240 Super Hind ‘Smile Skin’ was paid. Dice told the weekly weekly mission system, considering the current situation. The reward this week is not unlocked in the future. “

Hybrid War

Experts evaluate this war with a “hybrid war”, which is spreading, and cyber metastases, and cyber metastases. The battlefield of reality is expanding online.

Russia, which has been estimated at a maximum of 50,000, and Russia, which indicated its original angle in this direction, was said to have been expanding cyber peacocks, such as hacking Ukrainian period facilities from December last year. Just before the invasion of February, government main agencies and banks were disabled by Deny Deny Deny Attack (DDoS).

On the other hand, Ukraine is a situation in the war. President Putin, who is the ‘Threat of Ukraine’ and ‘Nioneism’, has argued that Ukraine’s military facilities were minimized by minimizing private damage. However, the Ukrainian government and citizens accused the tremendously in the private residence area through SNS, and this claim lost power.

It is President of Bologue, Bolodimir Gelenski Ukraine, which is leading the lead in the public. As the ‘President Topic’ spread to the fake news, he turned on the internet live, “I am here,” he revealed the people and relieved the people. Russia is the decision in the situation that Russia is assumed to designate him as a ranking goal and dispatched to Kii-woo.

Geelen Ski continues to call the Internet broadcasting to involve the participation of the right and preached the local damage, and the communication strategy, such as announcing the EU subscription doctor. This is also an analysis that this is a collection of people’s interest in the world, which is a certain degree of indiscriminately inhibiting the civilians of Russia.

As a known, Gelen Ski is comedy. He served as a protagonist who was a teacher in a comedy drama and a tax teacher in the government. Since then, he was actually elected a 72 percent vote thanks to fresh images that were not entangled by the desire of the people who wanted to punish the corruption of the Ukrainian political rights.

Another factor that Jelen Ski could be elected is a veteran broadcaster as a veteran broadcaster. The Gelensky, who became president of the reality in the screen in the screen, is re-executing his organs again and is against the crisis in and out of the screen.

What is the world to participate through the screen, what do we do

As such, the war is spreading over the screen, and the world’s support is being held. Hacking Group Anna Mus will declare the total taxes towards Russia, and will balance the cyber before. Meron Meron Maclet Tesla CEO is helping His its satellite internet service ‘Star Link’ to Ukraine, helping Ukrainian citizens. This aid is expected to be a great help, in which Russia attacks Kiyu’s broadcast tower and is to attack on external communication.

The general public, including gamers, can also be supported Ukraine over the Internet. It means that it can enhance criticism of Russia, while preventing the fraud of Ukrainian people through steady interest and fake news reports, and supports the dismissal of the Bulbs. It can be more helpful in the context of the world, which is now in the same manner to the world to raise the russian pressuries and to break the war will.

For example, after the air raid, the phenomenon of frowning the gamers’ eyes on the Internet was captured. Every time a force dispute occurs, the game video of the “Arma 3”, which is the source of the fake news, is once again spreading to the ‘Ukrainian Air Room Video’ again. Although it was a fake news that could give Ukrainian citizens in real threats, not a game, it was a fake news that could give anger and frustration, but it’s a “Arma 3> user and gamers to prostitute, and the images were removed from the main SNS.

Meanwhile, Ukraine Materials E-Sports Stripes Navi (Natus Vincere, Natus Bingketh) is asking for the continued attention and news of gamers through the SNS, which was done with the players. Navi said, “e sports system can not be the same as before. The world can not be the same as before, “International disputes have concerned about permanent impacts on international e-sports systems. But Navi emphasized that the participation of people can change everything. These are “however, how to decide how to change. “Do not silence,” he said. “

Fund is a method of remote support. As a developer of representative inversion game , 11-bit studios in the Ukrainian Border Country Poland said that and DLC sales revenue are donated to the full Ukrainian Red Cross for 7 days. It was reported that $ 160,000 (about 200 million won) was found to be raised in the first 24 hours. International Red Cross Ukrainian Support Fund You can also support support directly to your Ukrainian Bank Military Support Fund .

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