An absolute cinema hit – mega

An absolute cinema hit – mega

At the beginning of the new week, together with you we take a look The current US cinema charts . Only in the previous week the blockbuster movie Uncharted was able to swing in the top spot and lead the field with great advantage. But could he hold there or are there again a new number 1 ?

Who’s leader in the US cinema charts?

Already a quick look at the current top 10 shows that the gaming filming uncharted continues to find in the first place of the cinema charts. Last weekend she was able to take some more than $ 23 million . While this is less than in the previous week, but relaxes to continue to be at the top. The worldwide revenue of Uncharted are now with more than $ 226 million , which certainly not only sores looks like great success.

Directly behind it is the comedy Dog with the actor Channing Tatum in the main role. This movie could rinse a little more than ten million dollars in the coffers. Incidentally, on the third place is the now several months old Marvel blockbuster Spider-Man: No Way Home with a box office of 5.8 million dollars . Here is the current top 10 in the overview.

  1. Uncharted – $ 23.3 million
  2. Dog – 10.1 million dollars
  3. Spider-Man: No Way Home – $ 5.8 Million
  4. Death on the Nile – $ 4.5 million
  5. Jackass Forever – 3.2 million dollars
  6. Sing 2 – 2.1 million dollars
  7. Marry Me – 1.9 million dollars
  8. Studio 666 – 1.6 million dollars
  9. Cyrano – 1.4 million dollars

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  1. Scream – 1.3 million dollars

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Start these movies this week

Perhaps the top 10 will be somewhat confused slightly, because over the next few days some new movies run. Especially the DC superhero film The Batman with the actor Robert Pattinson in the main role has the potential to jump directly to the top of the charts. In Germany, the film arrives on March 3, 2022 in the cinemas.

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