Berlin misses Cologne Evil 1: 7

Berlin misses Cologne Evil 1: 7

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The polar bears Berlin have returned with a clear away win from the Olympic Pause of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). On Tuesday evening, the German champions won at the Kölner sharks thanks to a capacity of 7: 1 (2: 0, 3: 0, 2: 1) and thus strengthened the spreadsheet. Matt White met two times, Frank Hördler, Mark Zengerle, Kevin Clark, Jonas Müller and Nicholas Jensen contributed the rest of the Goals to the sovereign success of the capitals.

In the fight for the direct playoff ticket, the Straubing Tigers won at the Penguins Bremerhaven 3: 2 (0: 1, 3: 1, 0: 0). As a seventh, Straubing is only four points behind the penguins. In addition, the Schwenninger Wild Wings contrasted against the Iserlohn Roosters with 4: 3 (3: 0, 0: 2, 1: 1).

In front of 4000 spectators in the Cologne Arena, the Berliner was unanswered that she had denied her last game almost a month ago: With consistent researching, they put the hosts under pressure from the beginning and consistently used their opportunities. Hearers met at the early guidance, Zengerle increased after fine preliminary work by Blaine Byron.

In the second third, the Berliner remained highly concentrated and extremely efficient: Clark, Müller and Jensen built the lead with their gates. Only in the final section, the Cologne found a little better into the game and were able to shorten the residue in the meantime by an underpaid hit of the former polar bears professionals Mark Olver, marriage WHITE with two late gates for the final score.

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