Rainbow Six Siege: The community does not want a major in the United Arab Emirates

Rainbow Six Siege: The community does not want a major in the United Arab Emirates

Ubisoft surprised the Rainbow Six Siege community. With its content map for the 2022 season of the game, there was also a planning about the Esports area. Recently, the company formed a new department in charge of the area of ​​electronic sports. In addition to one of his trusted organizers, ESL , became part of a group related to the Saudi Arabia government.

Both pieces of information are important for the development of history. Ubisoft planned the headquarters and dates for the championships Major by Rainbow Six Siege. The community will enjoy the ESPORTS in North America (May) and Asia (November), but it was against the decision to organize a major in the United Arab Emirates.

Rainbow Six Siege – Better said, Ubisoft in general – has a posture that sails for inclusion in its contents. He celebrated the same in titles such as Assassin’s Creed and even dedicated a positive message in the month of LBGT pride. In contrast, the United Arab Emirates see homosexuality as something illegal, the same with marriage between people of the same sex. This is established by Article 356 of the Criminal Code of the United Arab Emirates.

Rainbow Six Siege community petition Ubisoft to change 2022 major location due to LGBTQ+ laws
Having a high-caliber tournament in said place touched fans as a chamber talent. The narrator EMI “Captainfluke” Donaldson , who is openly identified as transgender, published the meme of “I am in danger” on social networks. GEO COLLINS asked for an explanation about it, since it affects several regular members of Majors’ transmissions. The voice of the community came to the point of opening a request at, looking for Ubisoft reconsiderates to move the competition elsewhere. But while there are almost 9,000 people in favor of the movement, the final word falls on the organizers.

ESL is one of those responsible for launching the Rainbow Six Siege contests, although it is not in good light. His purchase by the Government of Saudi Arabia placed the term the term Sportswashing , which refers to washing the image of a company through sports. This happened just after announcing a league for Counter-Strike players: Global Offensive. Just as the United Arab Emirates, the Saudi Arabian government has a bad history on LBGT issues. We invite you to read our article about it to understand the situation and why it is necessary to debate it.

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