Capcom finally reveals Street Fighter 6, misses Ryu a pair of sandals

Capcom finally reveals Street Fighter 6, misses Ryu a pair of sandals

In the Fighting Game scene, there is hardly a number as popular as Capcom’s Street Fighter. The last offshoot, Street Fighter V, is now a whole six years old, and received with Luke only a few months ago his last new playable character.

Capcom reveals Street Fighter 6 for the 35th birthday of the series

Since the title has now reached a stately age, many fans understandably wish at least an announcement of a new offshoot. This year, the Street Fighter series celebrates its 35th birthday, and for this cheerful occasion Capcom has finally heard the pleading of her fans and shared an official teaser trailer to Street Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 - Teaser Trailer

The trailer itself shows the two characters Ryu and Luke, the former has been part of the series since the first Street Fighter. In the new offshoot, Ryu will probably take away his barefoot lifestyle and wear a few chic sandals. Overall, the graphics of the new game is much more realistic than older title, with extremely detailed toes.

Street Fighter 5 (Buy Now) suffers above all under a pretty bad online mode, hopefully Capcom will decide for your new title for the increasingly popular Rollback Netcode, which also uses games like Guilty Gear Strive.

In addition to announcing Street Fighter 6, Capcom also released a video for a new Capcom Fighting Collection. This should bundle ten classic fighting games, including super gem Fighter Mini Mix, Darkatalkers, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. All games should also receive Rollback NetCode, which, of course, ensures a lot of hope for the online mode of the new Street Fighter.

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