The case of discrimination against Activision Blizzard will include the testimonies of temporary workers

The case of discrimination against Activision Blizzard will include the testimonies of temporary workers

The judge who is supervising the demand for discrimination that the California State Department of Employment and Housing has filed against Activision Blizzard ** has failed to preserve the testimonies of temporary workers. As published in its social networks, Axios Journalist Stephen Totilo, the North American company has tried over recent the original demand of the Californian State claiming that temporary workers – in their vast majority women – can not be considered employees. However, the judge has decided to maintain his testimonies, ruled that these workers were “employed” whose conditions were supervised and controlled by the study based on their conditions, fees and methods of payment.

This failure supposes a hard blow to the activision strategy, which will now have more difficulty to prove that women and men had the same possibilities to get a full position in the company. Filed on July 20, the Department of Employment and Housing Department of California aims to prove that Activision Blizzard discriminated on its employees for gender and race reasons, as well as fostering a macho culture that translated into a constant abuse to its Workers According to the update of the demand made last August, the testimonies of temporary workers are essential to prove that “women were assigned to positions of less responsibility and worse paid in favor of male colleagues with less experience and preparation they were friends of the Men in power positions ».

Activision Blizzard: Understanding the SEC and EEOC Investigations (VL543)

2021 It was a complex year for Activision Blizzard that has been dominated by the different demands and investigations against the Company, as well as the protests initiated by its workers. In the midst of all these legal matters, which remain open and pending, it has highlighted the purchase of the company by Microsoft, which has been vocally committed to fighting the macho and racist culture that has affected so many workers within the study.

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