30 km Freestyle: Johau wins with great distance

30 km Freestyle: Johau wins with great distance

Topfavoritin Therese Johau has won the gold medal in the last ski race of the Olympic Winter Games in China. The 33-year-old Norwegian went on Sunday in the ice-cold and stormy Zhangjiakou before Jessica Diggins from the USA and Kerttu Niskanen from Finland. For Johau, it was already the third gold medal in these games and the fourth Olympic victory of the career.

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After completing the race, Johau fell into the snow and was covered by a blanket. Shortly thereafter, she cheered with the Norwegian flag in front of the few spectators. Victoria Carl went to the goal as a good twelfth and was the best German. Pia Fink and Antonia Millibils worked in the race to the front occupied place19 or 25.

In extreme conditions, the field teared apart early. It formed small groups. At the top Johau, Ebba Andersson from Sweden, the Frenchwoman Dolphins Claudel and Diggins settled. Gradually, Johau shook their competitors and ran a lonely race for about a third of the route she won sovereign.

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