What is FlashPoint Solutions in Horizon Forbidden West

What is FlashPoint Solutions in Horizon Forbidden West

The modern games use a lot of mechanic to help players feel that they have greater control over the plot. This is true for Horizon Forbidden West, where a familiar dialog selection system is used in the game. Continue reading below to learn about FlashPoint solutions.

Flashpoint solutions are in conversation with certain characters in the game and allow you to choose from several different options. Dialogue options . It gives you a new way to feel the story, developing an ela’s personality and how it copes with certain interactions in the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

There are three types of options that you can choose:

  • confront
  • compassion
  • In sight

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These solutions were available in the first game of the series, Horizon Zero Dawn, where they could sometimes change a little story. You should not expect these solutions Change ending to your story, but they will affect small pieces games, for example, the future dialogue with the character you are talking to.

It also helps to make small changes in the game for those who are going to play several times.

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