Warzone cheats can no longer make critical damage

Warzone cheats can no longer make critical damage

RICOCHET Anti-Cheat Is Making Hackers/Cheaters Bullets Deal Zero Damage in Warzone
The Call of Duty fans: Warzone are used to waves of the studio ban against cheats. Since the beginning of these efforts, developers have dropped the hammer over thousands of cheaters in the game.

Developers use a variety of attenuations in the game to prevent cheaters from spoiling things for legitimate players. The newest, damage shield, is about an interesting trap in the game. Instead of kicking cheats, it prevents them from making critical damage. This indicates that their overall damage production undergoes a spectacular reduction.

“This attenuation leaves the triinter vulnerable to true players and allows Team Ricochet to collect information about the system of a cheater,” confirmed an activism representative. “We follow these meetings to ensure that there is no possibility for the game to apply a shield of random damage or by accident, regardless of the level of competence._

“To be clear, we will never interfere in the shootings between the members of the respectful community”, added the developer. “_Damage Shield is no longer tested and deployed around the world.

This new Ricochet anti-cheating update is an interesting way for Call of Duty developers: Warzone to study cheaters in nature.

Getting started from the game is immediate but the cheats can then continue to do something else. However, severely nerfer their damage capabilities will make their game experience extremely frustrating for them.

Now that the details of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Damage Shield are known, it’s interesting to see how cheats will find a way around it. With previous anti-cheating efforts, cheats still managed to make a way in the game. Legitimate players hope that this new feature is an obstacle that they can not cross.

The developers have promised the player’s community that other mitigation systems are on their way. The Ricochet team revealed to have noticed a huge drop in cheating reports since the systems are in place. However, they admit that “the work is never done.”

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