Ubisoft: CEO expresses itself to takeover

Ubisoft: CEO expresses itself to takeover

Over the past few weeks, there have already been several messages from major acquisitions in the gaming industry. Of course, the mega deal was particularly significant here between Microsoft and Blizzard, followed by the recording Bungies in Sony’s Playstation Studio family. For this there were the purchases of German developers / publishers such as Astragon (by Team 17) or Daedalic Entertainment (by Nacon).

As part of an investor meeting, the Ubisoft Managing Director Yves Guillemot was asked if he see the risk of potential takeover by other corporations. His answer was not quite clear: _ “Our brands are observed by the largest global players in the field of entertainment and technology. However, the board would, should there be a possible offer, of course check this in the interest of all shareholders.” _ This Statement makes the opportunity open to future acquisitions. At this point, it must be mentioned that the revenue of the Christmas business has fallen by almost 31% to 666 million euros compared to 2020.

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot Discusses Company's Past, Present, & Next-Gen Future - IGN Unfiltered #41

Already in the past, there was always flare speculation that the French Publisher, to whose brands, etc. Rayman, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, for Honor, Splinter Cell or Far Cry, could be bought by a competitor. Most recently, in 2017/2018 Vivendi had endeavored by Ubisoft \ – but the attempts of an enemy takeover could be detrimental.

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