After roller coaster trip: Geiger secures combining team

After roller coaster trip: Geiger secures combining team

In the silver award of his team, Eric Frenzel was missing on the winning podium. In the square that was intended for him, the Olympia mascot, which the Nordic combiners were the first recognition for their performance. “The Eric has spread completely,” said Bundestrainer Hermann wine book in the ARD after the team competition. “The Corona is likely to have contributed to it.”

Frenzel: “I just learned that we have brought silver”

Fully exhausted, Frenzel had been accompanied by caregivers through the ice-cold Olympic cross-country skiing stadium of Zhangjiakou. Previously, he had spaced around a minute in the snow. The 33-year-old was undercooled, but recovered quickly. “I’ve just learned that we brought silver,” he said a few minutes after the missed ceremony. “I’m so happy.”

The German team doctor Stefan Pecher has given after the burglary of Combin Eric Frenzel in the relay all-clear. “It is mainly a subcooling, the circulation is stable again. Surely the burden was a bit high after the long quarantine, but health damage is not to be expected again,” Pecher said.

In a gripping race, final runners Vinzenz Geiger secured on Thursday the German combiners the silver medal in the winter games in China. Geiger, who was only three days earlier from the Corona Quarantine Frenzel, Manuel Faitst and Julian Schmid had to be beaten on Thursday only Norway. Bronze was surprisingly at Japan.

Geiger: “They were perfect games for me”

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Manuel Fakes, Julian Schmid and Vinzenz violinist in the floral engineer who missed Eric Frenzel. Getty Images

The residue of the Germans on gold was 54.9 seconds at the finish. For the team of wine book it was finally the second coin with these winter games after the Olympic victory of Geiger in single competition on the normal ski. “They were perfect games for me,” Geiger said. “With two medals in the luggage I am overjoyed.”

Rank three after jumping

At temperatures around the minus ten degrees in Zhangjiakou, the German combiners ranked three into the crucial cross-country breaks over 4 x 5 kilometers. In the ski jumping of the Großschanze, the teams from Austria and the Norwegians, which after his Corona infection without their overflow Jarl Magnus Riiber, were just better.

Frenzel breaks in – and is completely pumped out for a long time

Lower runners faces the team, but took over the lead early and handed over to Schmid. The 22-year-old lost a little on Austria and Norway. When Frenzel started, he had a residue of 4.2 seconds on the top. The Routinian fell back and sent final runners Geiger to third place with 36.9 second residue in first place and around 26 seconds on silver and bronze into the race. The Oberstdorfer showed a furious mileage and led the team to the podium.

Frenzel, who had been tested positively on the coronavirus on the entry to China, had first trained a day before the competition on the gigantic job plant. There and the cross-country test he convinced national coach wine book. The experienced coach nominated the Saxony and renounced the two-time Olympic champion of Pyeongchang, Johannes Rydzek.

Frenzel: “Glad that the others have made it out”

Happy End for the German combiners. Imago Images / GEPA Pictures

The 33-year-old, who had kept fit in the quarantine with jogging in the room and on the ergometer, jumped 132 meters wide. Only Geiger achieved another sentence from the German team. On the running track, however, Frenzel was not as strong as usual. After his run, Frenzel was still completely pumped out in the snow and also cheered after Geiger’s finish initially not with. “I’m glad that the others have chosen, what I’m kidding,” he said.

Thanks to his well-established teammates, the record world champion already brought the seventh Olympia medal of his career. According to the hard isolation days, they are likely to have a very special status, even if it was not like once again in 2014 and twice in 2018. Frenzels mother who works as an educator fevered with their work with the children.

Combine balance: two medals

With now two medals, the German combiners can leave the winter games satisfied – especially since they had to cope with two Corona cases. In addition to Frenzel, TeamCollege Terence Weber, which was replaced by FAITT, was also positive in Beijing. The wine book team did not approach the formidable yield of four years ago in South Korea. At that time, the Schanzen and Run Allrounder had won three times gold, once silver and once bronze. The result at a glance

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