Nintendo: wants to find your own approach for metaverse

Nintendo: wants to find your own approach for metaverse

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At least since the renaming of Facebook to Meta, the metaverse is our lunches and base for controversial discussions. In the FAQ part of the last financial meeting of Nintendo, on which NFT News Today refers, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said: _ “Metaverse has attracted the attention of many companies worldwide and has great potential. If the concept The metaverse in the media is introduced, sometimes games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons are called, in this regard, the metaverse is interesting for us “_, says Furukawa to the questioner.

In addition to Nintendo, other companies interested in metaverse, mostly based on an individual interpretation of the term. Epic Games e.g. is just about involving virtual and augmented reality in the metaversum. Epic Games has brought himself to promote a billion US dollars and also supports Sony financially. Nintendo, on the other hand, wants to go as so often, his own way and first let himself have a lot of time: “IM Moment there is no easy way to predict how much surprises and fun hold the metaverse for consumers. As a company that sells entertainment, our focus is always to deliver new surprises and especially fun to our customers. We play with the idea if we can find a ‘Nintendo approach’ for the metaverse, which makes the concept easily understandable: but we think That at the moment is not the right time for this. “ It remains therefore to be seen whether and how intensively Nintendo will accompany the metaverse hype.

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