Nintendo Switch Puzzle RPG “Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition” announced, February 20 delivery. “Pazdora” which can be enjoyed by dungeon creation and sharing

GungHo Online Entertainment announced on February 16, “ Puzzle & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition ” for Nintendo Switch. February 20 delivery schedule, price is 500 yen (tax included). This work is the 10th anniversary of the popular puzzle RPG “Puzzle & Dragons (Pazdora)”.

“Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition” is the latest work of the Puzzle RPG “Pazdora” series that defeats the dungeon monster at a puzzle that connects three or more drops of the same color. Including three types of game modes, first, in “Adventure mode”, the monster adventures the dungeon that monsters listen to the solo or up to four people. Aim for all dungeons capture.

“Match mode” is an online mode that eight players join and compete for scores. You can enjoy a room with players around the world and a friend with friends with friends. In addition, COM matches that can be fought against the computer and can be practiced. In this mode, a limited-time event dungeon may appear.

And the other game mode is a “edit mode” that can be freely created and played with a dungeon. Enemy, background, battle rule, BGM can be combined to create an original dungeon. The created dungeon can be uploaded and shared with other players. It is also a mode that can be downloaded and played by the dungeons made by players around the world.

Besides this, the so-called actual function of “achievement” is also available for this work. By clearing the specified condition, we can obtain parts and avatars that can be used for customization in edit mode, or rewards such as turning normal gacha.

There is also a gacha in this work. In addition to the above-mentioned achievement and rank, it can be done free of charge according to the conditions, and can be purchased and turned at the Nintendo E shop. Price is 1 time 300 yen, 5 consecutive continuations 1000 yen. Avatar is available from Gacha, and there is always one bonus such as a team or awakening badge. There are multiple gachas for the subject of Avatar, such as Godfes Gacha and Hiro In Gacha, and any gacha will always come out until all.

In addition, it has been announced to hold a limited-time event “Echidna Cup” in a match mode according to the Launch of this work. The holding period is from 9:00 on February 20 to 8:59 for March 16th. The achievement of the achievement during the period is that the crown and Godfest Gacha can be obtained by the edit parts and avatars of “Genhira Warrior, Echidna-Sara-“. Edit parts and avatars should be available with friends match or COM match over the period.

“Puzzle & Dragons Nintendo Switch Edition” is scheduled to be delivered on February 20 for Nintendo Switch. In the official Twitter account, a release commemorative campaign is implemented in which Nintendo Switch body and Nintendo Pade card 3000 yen are perfect. If you are interested, please check the details from the above campaign tweets.

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