Gravity, 2021 revenue sales of W414bn … “Maximum earnings of history since listing”

Gravity, 2021 revenue sales of W414bn … “Maximum earnings of history since listing”

Game enterprise gravity has disclosed its 2021 provisional connection sales and operating profit on 14 days.

The 20021 sales of Gravity increased sales of W414bn and 2.0% YoY to W414bn. Operating profit has increased by 9.7% YoY to W97bn. In 2021, we have achieved the biggest performance of the past, and once again achieved the own record of 2020.

The annual performance of Gravity has been increasing for six years after the 2016 surplus conversion, and has recorded sales and operating profit annually. In particular, when compared to sales of W51.4bn and operating profit of W51.4bn and operating profit of W3.8bn in 2016, which has been compared with sales of W3.8bn, we have increased by 2,452.6% YoY, It can be.

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The fourth quarter of the Gravity’s 4Q09 is 97 billion won and operating profit was 10 billion won. In the fourth quarter of 2021, Ragnarok Origin’s earnings that launched in North America in November was reflected in November.

Gravity plans to enlarge contacts with users in the NFT and P2E system, expanding the game of NFT and P2E systems, expanding the existing title service area, and new title launches, to achieve better performance than 2022. First, in the first half of 2022, it is aimed at preparing to formalize the “Darvirinus of Lagnarok” and ‘Labyrinz of Lagnarok’ and Ragnarok: For Rug Norok, and Ragnarok: Four Ring Map ‘, which combine NFT items and P2E methods in the Southeast Asia region.

Multi-Platform 3d MMORPG Lagranoque, who was interested in many users in Gusta 2021, Ragnarok V: Returns (Ragnarok V: Returns), February 2022, in February 2022, Multi-Platform Version Secondary CBT in April And the launching aiming aiming. In recent years, Ragnarok, which contains information, images, images, specifications, and support languages, etc., has opened the steam page of the resurrection and is considering the progress of the steam service.

Ragnarok Begins, who seemed to be together in Jauta, is scheduled to proceed with the second CBT in the second half of 2022, and Ragnarok Monster’s Arena will launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau in March 2022. Ragnarok Origin is aiming to launch in the additional area in 2022.

In addition, Gravity has launched a variety of Ragnarok IP games, including branch offices around the world, including North America, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Singapore. On January 5, 2022, we plan to establish GGV (Gravity Game Vision), GGV (Gravity Game Vision), and will expand the game launching service in Hong Kong and Chinese.

More details on Gravity’s 2021 earnings and 2022 plans are available on the official homepage.

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