Uncharted 4: Puzzles – so you solve all puzzles

Uncharted 4: Puzzles – so you solve all puzzles

In this Mystery Guide to Uncharted 4 you will learn:

  • Which puzzles there are
  • How to solve the puzzles
  • What you need to pay attention to the riddles

With our treasure guide to Uncharted 4: a Thief’s End, none of the 109 items remain hidden. However, if you really want to ventilate all the secrets, you have to put yourself in total six great puzzles . We will explain to you how you successfully masters all the puzzles.

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Chapter 2: The Prison Cell

In the tower of the prison, Nathan climbs into a cell full of symbols, signs and numbers. Go as follows:

  • Examines the sun moon icon right from the metal door.
  • Opens the journal and looks at the letter. Rotate him and fold it.

  • You now recognize the zodiac Sagittarius and Scorpio that you need to find on the wall.

  • They represent Roman numbers X and II, which surround XII.
  • Interacts with the stone with the inscription XII and the puzzle is solved.

Chapter 8: Henry Avery’s Grab – Solution of Statue Poll

In Averys Grabkammer bums three statues showing crucified persons. Follows these steps to solve the puzzle:

  • Looks behind the three statues. There, another chamber hides in which you go in.
  • Examines the lamp on the wall behind the statues until Sam sparks the coal pool.
  • Goes back to the front of the statues.

  • Aligns with the switch under the middle statue top and lowest light beam .

  • With the right switch, you align the light beams at the top left and bottom right .
  • The left switch aligns the remaining two light beams.

Chapter 9: The four wheels – in which order do I have to turn the wheels?

Nathan lands in a cave with a machine and four wheels that need to be turned in the correct order. First snaps the empty bucket, fills it to the left of the entrance with water and transfers him to Sam. The Correct rotation of the wheels (from left to right):

  • Turns the first wheel once to the left.
  • The third wheel twice to the right.
  • The fourth wheel once to the right.
  • second wheel once to the left.
  • first wheel once to the left.

Chapter 11: The bell tower – order of bells

In this chapter you have to solve two puzzles. First, since the bell tower, in which four bells in the correct order have to be rung.

The order results from the statues of the zodiac signs , which are distributed in the tower:

  • In the Drakes Journal, examines the order of the zodiac scorpio, aquarius, lion and bull.
  • Take the spiral staircase up and climbs past the bikes on the bell of the lion to the Bell of the Scorpion and heralds her.
  • Go to the left for the Bell of the Aquarius and heralds her.
  • Reels the bell of the lion .
  • Climbs over the pendulum to the Bell of the bull and heralds her.

Continue towards the tip of the bell tower, where after the ringing of the bells a new staircase appears. Uses the climbing rope to stop the gears and climbs upwards. Provides the minute hand so that the clock is located on a quarter after ten .

Uncharted 4 - Chapter 11 Puzzle Solution
Climbs out around the tower up and rings the big bell to solve the puzzle.

Chapter 11: The Gallery

After the puzzle in the bell tower you get into a cellar vault with an apparatus full of seals. Interacts with the apparatus and turns the two seals in the middle, so that the pages face with the bright scratches .

On the left side, a door opens to a gallery with three paintings, in which a red square has hidden:

  • Left painting: on the right shoulder on the red cloak
  • Middle painting: right next to the hand with the sword
  • Right painting: right next to the hip

Opens the notebook and Nathan cuts out the three recorded seals. Rotates the seals so that the shows correct number of cracked scratches to each other. Returns to the device in the middle and transmits the orientation to the three seals.

Shooting a photo of the new seals and sends it to Sam. Enter the next gallery and hang up the dropped picture again. Now you are looking for the red squares on the paintings:

  • Left painting: lower left corner at socket of the statue
  • Middle painting: left besides the smoke of the pipe
  • Right painting: bottom right next to the sword handle

As before, you rotate the seals in the notebook so that the correct number of the drawn scratches points to each other. Translates the orientation on the device in the middle.

Sam sends a picture of the new seals and enters the last gallery. Recall the red squares back this time four paintings (from left to right):

  • Next to the figure in the burned area
  • At the top of the right side of the portrait
  • Left on the red sash
  • Below on the shoulder bag

Reels the puzzle by turning the seals again according to their drawn scratches and transferred them to the apparatus.

Chapter 12: The swivel chamber – How do I properly align the balls?

Nate and Sam land in a room with a large star map on the ceiling and a ship’s bike including a smaller wheel in the middle. The outer wheel controls the position of the balls on the ceiling, the inner wheel rotates the balls around its own axis.

Below is a overview of the right handles to successfully align the star map.

Wheel Rotation

Outdoor | Once right.
Inside | Three times until the black half of the ball is left.
Outdoor | Twice left.
Inside | Six times until the “W” is in front.
Outdoor | So long until both balls sit in the corresponding points of light.
Outdoor | Four times to the right until the right ball is fixed.
Inside | Twice, so that the line is diagonally on the ball.
Outdoor | Once to the left until the left ball snaps.
Inside | Four times to the left.
Outdoor | Left until both balls sit in the light cones.
Inside | Four times to the right.
Outdoor | Twice to the right.
Inside | Six times to the right.
Outdoor | To the left until both balls sit in the light cone.

Have you all balls correctly oriented correctly , give you Sam and the puzzle is solved.

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