Naraka: Bladepoint beta opens today and its beautiful

Naraka: Bladepoint beta opens today and its beautiful

New Hero: Justina Gu Teaser | NARAKA: BLADEPOINT
We can say a lot about the Royal Battle Games. Whether you love them or hate them, you can not deny that they have been a ton of success, so it’s not really surprising to see a new beta launch. What is surprising is how Naraka: BladePoint is beautiful. The game sells on fluid movements, frenzied fighting and the ability to fight vertically. You can fight to the body to body, to chase other players on the richly detailed map in prosecutions at high speed and agility, or to rain the death from above with remote weapons, grapples and skills of Parkour. This looks like an excellent opportunity for all those looking for a solid multiplayer fight, but especially the fans of the aesthetics of feudal japan – interesting, since Naraka: Bladepoint is made by the main Chinese developer Entertainment. To celebrate the launch of Forerunner Beta, developers have published a new trailer comparing the core game visuals with the NVIDIA DLSS version. Spoilers, it’s beautiful.

That’s not all that Naraka: Bladepoint has to offer fans – the game will also provide complete facial customization options, which means that your character can look like what you want. The process is so thorough that you can literally shape your character’s face like clay, which seems to be an excellent opportunity for sculptors. To all others… good luck to browse unlimited possibilities to find the one you want. Be prepared to take many screenshots.

Morus Island has also been expanded even more, adding a ton of new interactive elements, including poisonous mushrooms, a ballist that players can ride and shrubs to sneak. As the framework of the game develops, more and more fighting opportunities open.

The Beta de Naraka: BladePoint Forerunner will last until Monday, April 26 at 18:00 UTC. You can register here. The complete game will be released in the summer 2021 on PC.

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