I need a lot of time and money, I need a lot of time, February

I need a lot of time and money, I need a lot of time, February

When gamers have to be able to shake up to dust in the wallet. The games that I decided to be released last year are postponed, and most of the days of the release of the release are done in February this February. As if they were in the top, the games that are delayed in February 2022 are not even a constantly overlapping schedule. Waiting for the expectation The game like a malabetic library is scheduled to be pouring into a single month.

Life Iz Strange: Limaster Collection (February 2, NS, PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S, PC, Stadia | Korean support)

The Limaster Collection, which improves the graphics and animation of the ‘Life Iz Strange’ and its FreeQual ‘Life Iz Strange Duppy Storm’ in 2015, open the list of February. Despite being since been released, it is a game that has been steadily loved by a great story. It was scheduled to be released at a time similar to the original successor to True Colors, but it was unfortunately smoke and finally to meet. I can see more natural expression conversion through facial motion capture technology, and the delivery force of the story that the delicate emotional line was important is more amplified.

Daing Lite 2 (February 5 │PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S, PC | Korean support)

Zombie Apocalypse and Pakur is a unique action that is popular as a unique action Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game Daing Light 2 is finally released at the end of the smoke in several times. Like the previous work, we propose a roadmap that guarantees updates and additions of more than five years, and led to the last city of humanity in the game in the game in the game in the game in the game in the game of gamers In the case of Nintendo switch (cloud version), it is a bit unfortunate that it is postponed to August, but it is expected that it will be a story between two times more than the previous action and the threatening actions between the enemies.

Si Fu (February 8 │PS4 / 5, PC | Korean support)

I was able to see a lot of revenge for a plurality of journeys and a lot of revenge for a revenge, but I was able to see it again in many places, Every time I die, it will be raised every time I live, I am older every time I live. So, the main character of Spufu must survive as long as possible, while chasing those who killed his family, and do not die before finishing a plurality of ways. This game, which was scheduled to launch on February 22, is also one of the unique points that this game SlocLap was scheduled to launch on February 22. It looks like a representation that you are in the completeness of the game.

Total: Warhammer 3 (February 17 │PC | Korean support)

3 Total Warriors, which was scheduled for a trilogy: Warhammer Trilogy’s last story, Total Warrior: Warhammer 3 is found on February 17th. Various convenience systems in the game have been significantly increased, especially the siege system has changed significantly. Users who are using the PC game path of MS will be a good notice that play is possible from the first day of release. Note, if you have all the works of the account that purchased the game, you can play a very large scenario that penetrates the story of Trilogy if you have all the works of Warhammer Trilogy.

The King of Fighters 15 (February 17 │PS4 / 5, XSX / S, PC | Korean support)

In Daejeon Action Games, the masterpiece of action games, not to fall, and 15 of the King of Fighters series will be released on the 17th. We will show the story that leads to the new story, and the first 39 characters appear. Different attempts have been tried on the battle system, such as changing the Max Mode and the Max Mode.

Horizon Forbidden West (February 18 │PS4 / 5 | Korean support)

The world of raw tribal life and highly evolved machine coexist, and Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18th. This work that draws the world after half a year of Horizon Zero Dunn, the work of the world is going to grab the red conversation and draw the journey of Aoylii, which recognizes the truth of the world. In this process, you will be able to see more diversified and friendly, and the environment of the world, and you will be able to work with a variety of moving means and colleagues to be able to do this environment. If you have a dive or a huh, the AI ​​of the machine that tracks ALOLI is naturally disclosed in the game play video, and it will not be able to relax in the battle that the tracking is bloomed and intelligent.

Sol Creesta (February 22 │PS4 / 5, NS, PC | Korean support)

The new creature series, which was famous for ‘eagle Oh,’ game ‘, appears in 37 years. It appears on February 22, Sol Crete. Sol Creesta, who is a comprehensive, who was a comprehensively established a classic taste from the trailer, was announced on April 1, 2020, and received a misunderstanding of April Fool’s Day. It is likely to be a game such as a gift of memories because it is actively adopted and has plenty of the system of Terra Creesta, which is a pronounced purpose for the purpose of saving the feeling of the past.

Destini Guardians: Witch Queen (February 23 │PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S, PC, Stadia | Korean support)

The sixth expansion pack of Destiny Guardians, the witch is released on February 23rd. It is an expansion pack that leads to the next era of Destini Guardians, which leads to ‘light of light’. Especially, the director, which announced a schedule, “said the Director, which announced a schedule, is noted as” I will deal with an important part of the story “. Destini Guardians’ light and dark opposition story that leads to this expansion for eight years. What kind of truth will the guardians at the end of the grand epic?

Desperate Father is Stuck in a Time Loop Trying to Save His Daughter

Sophie’s Atelier 2 ~ Mysterious Dream Alchemist ~ (February 24 │PS4, NS, PC | Korean Support)

The 25th anniversary of Atelier series released in February is the second game of Sophie, the second game, Sophie’s 2 ~ Mysterious dream alchemists. In this game that we caught ‘start and suction’ theme, I said the story of mysterious alchemist series. We have changed 3D modeling, and the character of the characters and the expression of the character and the expression were more abundant, and the appeals have made each charm. Signless Turn Ja Battle is also introduced, and it is a work that tried a lot of new changes overall. Indeed, this new attempt will be expected to affect the series.

Eldon Ring (February 25 │PS4 / 5, XBO, XSX / S, PC | Korean support)

In 2022, the game that does not have its own, even if it is called, the game, Eldon Ring is decorated in February. You can explain why this game is expected to be a new game, a new game of “Soul Lique”, “Games of the Games of the Throne’s Game.” The introduction of a boarding battle, the introduction of ‘Spirit’, and the wide field provided as an open-world, we can complement the convenience in various ways, including the world map that can be seen at once. The practical fishery difficulty is that it is easing to mitigate compared to the soul games, but this new attempt seems to have a different experience to both the introduction letters and the skilled chief.

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