Chernobylite Valval Horror “Chernobylite” Next-Generation Version will be delivered in April! Corresponds to ray tracing

Publisher All In! Games and Developer The Farm 51 announced that the next-generation version for PS5 / Xbox Series X | S for Chernobylite ** | S..

The next-generation version is provided in the form of a free update with the ENZEDED edition for PC version, introducing ray tracing and significantly improves the visual of the game. Also, 4K (Dynamic) 30FPS and 1080P (Ultra Details) 60FPs are added, and PS5 is also available for DUALSENSE controller features and activity card functionality.

In addition, one “Blue Flames” of four content drops scheduled for 2022 will be released on the same day. “BLUE FLAMES” can know “Memories of You”, a new weapon “Silent Assassin”, and a paid content pack that allows you to know the fateful back story of Eegol and Tachiyana through new events and collectors.

“CherNobylite” is distributed for (STEAM, EPIC GAMES store, / PS4 / Xbox One. On January 26, the domestic PS4 / Xbox ONE version has been released.

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