Steam deck sucks the battery tatzfatz empty if you are not watching

Steam deck sucks the battery tatzfatz empty if you are not watching

At the end of the month, the Steam Deck appears the first handheld system of Valve, which promises at least on the paper “PC games for takeaway”. Now the first test copies have arrived at a series of tech-youtubers who have taken the thing in detail in detail.

In addition to various size comparisons – the thing is really monstrous – is discussed in the experience reports, among other things, the battery life, ie a key figure that many of you may interest. Valve Specifies for the system runtime between 2 and 8 hours , depending on the title played.

Devil May Cry 5 as a battery killer

Interesting: According to the experience reports, the battery life actually moves in this frame, but the upper limit of eight hours was not achieved by any of the testers. The lower border, on the other hand, was even fallen significantly. Gamers Nexus, for example, managed to suck the battery with Devil May Cry 5 in 87 minutes.

By the way, how the Steam Deck beats in direct comparison to the Nintendo Switch, you will learn here:

The settings are crucial

In this test, however, the frame rate limitation was deactivated and VSYNC activated, ie the technology to prevent image line tearing – an extreme situation, so to speak. Since both are relatively hardware-hungry, the battery life was thus involved in this very low area. On the other hand, the frame rate limitation was set to 60 and VSync deactivated, the Steam Deck “First” went after almost two hours of the juice.

General and even less surprising tenor of the first experiences is that the steam deck can last longer in graphically less demanding titles or lower graphics settings than for demanding games. Those in the future play on the steam deck should pay attention to the appropriate settings. According to Gamers Nexus, an empty battery can be recharged to 80% in just under 100 minutes.

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Steam Deck - 2 - 8 Hours of Battery Life ? Probably Not. Also! How Long Does It Take To Charge!

The Steam Deck appears on 25 February 2022, as the system can be ordered again at Valve. However, the handheld is not freely available, but at this time, the pre-orders from last year will be delivered in waves.

What do you say about the first experience?

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