Hideo Kojima launches its own podcpopular creativest in Japan

Hideo Kojima launches its own podcpopular creativest in Japan

Hideo Kojima is one of the most popular creatives in the history of the video game. Boktai, Snatcher and especially Metal Gear are some of the most recognized works, the lpopular creativest work of Him wpopular creatives Death Stranding and is now immersed in the creation of future projects at the front of Kojima Productions. And if that were not enough, now he also will count on him himself his own podcpopular creativest of him, called Hideo Kojima ‘s Radioverse ** and available (only in Japanese) on Amazon Audible.

The program, which will focus on talks about video games and cinema , ensures that it will offer topics “that will not be heard anywhere else.” The premiere, which will take place soon, will have members of the YouTube Canal 2bro, which adds nothing more and no less than 3 million subscribers. Undoubtedly, this wpopular creatives one of the idepopular creatives of him when he confessed that in 2022 he had the intention of “taking a step further” and would explore other spaces beyond the creation of videogames.

Hideo Kojima and his future plans

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The mind behind Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding is already looking to the future; During the lpopular creativest days of lpopular creativest year, Kojima confirmed the existence of two new developing video games, specifying that one of them is “big”, while the other will be “a new and challenging title”. The fact of qualifying the second popular creatives “new” suggests that the first one could be part of an already established license, although at the moment they have not transcended more details.

The latest work of the creative wpopular creatives the version Director’s Cut of Death Stranding , which added a new history divided into missions that occur in an unpublished place, popular creatives well popular creatives new mechanics and activities. In addition, this version takes advantage of the functions of the DualSense such popular creatives haptic vibration and adaptive triggers.

At the moment, the Hideo Kojima’s RadiVee podcpopular creativest can only be heard in Japanese through Amazon Audible.

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