Guía de Batalla de Sifu Boss

Guía de Batalla de Sifu Boss

Then, you have looked at our beginners guide and you have ventured into our Advanced Combat Guide for the Martial Arts Fighter, Sifu. But you need a little help to deal with the five main antagonists of the game, the main objectives for which the protagonist fights so hard. While we can not simply take control of your game for you, we have some tips and tricks to help you make things easier with this. SIFU Guide of the boss.

Sifu Boss Battle Guide – The Squatts’ Fajar

How to beat Fajar

We will begin with the first battle against the boss: Fajar. He is the silent leader of the network of drug traffickers that dismantles them in The Squatts and causes an incredible first impression. Struggle against him in a kind of greenhouse with rows of plants in pots and jump through the sand with acrobatic jumps and devastating kicks.

So the first thing to take into account comes directly from the Advanced Combat Guide: Most Fajar attacks can be dodged. The difficult part will be time, since Fajar has two different variations of him. One is a slightly different variation that is closer to a hook kick that is faster, the other is a more powerful ax kicking that has a slight delay on its rope. If he sees the distinctive orange shine of an interruption attack, it is the kick of the ax, so he hopes some paintings more than he believes he should.

Otherwise, the attacks of Fajar are relatively simple. He has a fast sweep attack that can make you trip, but the wind can be detected from the beginning.

As for the strategies, if you watched our advanced combat guide you should know the answer: she throws out the rows of plants. They are abundant, they will keep the stunning of it any longer and can cause some unpleasant side effects.

But once you break its structure and look for a finisher, Fajar will enter its second phase. Each boss fights in sifu has two phases, which drastically changed the sand, the style of fight of the boss or both. This is where things intensify with fajar taking a machete and greenhouse becoming a bamboo forest. In this phase, Fajar has some new attacks added to the arsenal of him. One is where it jumps to the bamboo forest, just to appear against him with a flying machete court. Like the ax kick of it, you can becanded to dodge this. But one of the deadliest attacks he has here is a fierce burst of machet cuts. When you see the machete of it shine, prepare to crouch three times in rapid succession. These attacks can not be blocked. In addition, as in the first phase, you can push and throw away against the bamboo walls to cause additional damage to the structure of it. Keep calm and you’ll shut it up.

Sifu Boss Battle Guide – Sean from Club

How to beat Sean

Passing the second great boss of sifu is the fierce fighter of The Club, Sean. Sean’s sand is not as crowded as the one of fajar. Apart from some racks scattered on the walls and three columns both on the left and on the right of the sand, for the most part it is an empty space. But if he has invested more in the fight with sticks and wants to help counteract the additional reach of Sean, run running and take one immediately.

SIFU - How To Easily Beat Fajar
As for the first phase of Sean attacks, mostly they are simple. A shoulder check. An uppercut assisted by the staff. A rotating horizontal swing in the temple. Usually, they are chained in three or four attacks. Grouch or for all four, then counterattack.

It is when you arrive at the second phase of Sean that he decides to raise the temperature (sorry, I do not feel it). In general, the attack patterns of it change very little, apart from it that the attacks of it are now wrapped in flames and cause more harm to the structure of it. There is a leg sweeping attack that he does, the rope animation shows him extending his arms before making movement, but otherwise, he attacks himself stronger and faster.

But simply dodge the attacks of it and counterattack will not be enough. As you approach to break the structure of him again, he will begin to quickly cancel his own attack chains, which will make it almost impossible to punish any of his mistakes. The only thing you can do is undermine the structure of it to perfectly stop the attacks of it, or continue to dodge to increase your focus indicator and then hit it with a super attack to open yourself. Be that as it may, this last stretch will be a challenge.

Sifu Boss Battle Guide – Museum Kuroki

How to beat Kuroki

Chief number three is creative Kuroki with artistic inclinations found at the level of the museum. Continuing with the environmental reduction seen in the sand of Sean chief, the Kuroki arena is a large circular snow extension with a small handful of rocks on the perimeter. It is possible to punish with walls or corners here, but it will be complicated.

As for the attack patterns of Kuroki, they are a little more exotic than others. This is because the preferred weapon of it is a sharp chain cane that rotates with a lethal efficiency. Simply hurrying it will make it jump back while throwing a circular cut. Because of this, if he wants to close the distance with Kuroki safely, he will first have to wait until he has stopped or successfully dodged his attack chains, since he will have approximately two seconds to do it.

As for the attack chains of him, there are two important to take into account. The first is a sequence of four attacks in which he turns his chain cane into large horizontal cuts. But generally follow a perceptible pattern: he goes high, then low, tall, then under again. He calculates the moment of each cut, and the rest becomes muscle memory. There is a slight variation of this where your cuts are much closer, your final attack is essentially two attacks on one with a z patron that begins with a higher attack before going to a cut on the leg, so I am attentive to that.

The second big blow of it is a quick and rapid burst of eight-shaped cuts, which end up in a long cut above the head. He simply sends spam when dodging down until the upper cut arrives, then grabbery once more when he arrives and he will be ready to start punishing.

As for the second phase of Kuroki, that’s where things change a lot. First, he pulls the chain cane by a pair of Kunai. Second, he becomes much more agile with quick and rapid cuts, fall kicking and launching knives sprinkled towards you.

There are three great attack chains to avoid here. The first is a series of about five cuts, all made in rapid succession, followed by a jump towards a dropkick. He can stop or dodge the courts as best as best, but if that Dropkick connects, he will be knocked down. The second attack is where Kuroki jumps back and throws you an arc of knives. This is generally followed by one or two additional throwing knives. But most of the time, this is followed by the third attack of him: a rapid race followed by a bar upwards. If this is not dodged or stops perfectly, it can knock you off a single blow.

That last attack is the hardest to handle, but there are some solutions. First, pay attention to the Kuroki model. You will see a white flash on the face of it just before you attack, so you can use it in your favor. Alternatively, you can catch one of the knives in the air with the ability to catch weapons, wait for the flash and then simply throw the knife. He will stop his average attack and leave her exposed to punishment. If you are going to do the last, make sure you wait until you see it by telegrafing this attack, otherwise, you will dodge or change your attack patterns.

Sifu Boss Battle Guide – The Jinfeng de la Torre

How to beat Jinfeng

Oddly enough, Jinfeng could contradictorfully be the easiest and most difficult boss in sifu. This is because most of the patterns and attack strategies are relatively simple once you know the patterns. Also, there is not much change in the struggle style of him as he passed the first phase to the second.

So, what exactly does what Jinfeng be so challenging? The weapon of him. It is a glittered show with an absurdly long range. If he will hit you from the other side of the room, and it will not come towards you slowly. Worse yet, she is the only character in sifu that she uses this weapon, so she will surprise those who go blindly.

The most used Combo by Jinfeng is a series of three attacks. It begins with two superior blows, followed by a large lower sweep that covers all the sand. Worse still, if she makes you stumble upon this sweep, she will follow him immediately with a blow down. Dodge the roll or counteracts the ground as appropriate. Like the first phase of Kuroki, the best way to close the distance with Jinfeng is completely avoiding these attack chains, then running and attacking. In general, although the animations and the perspective of the attacks can change, Jinfeng’s long distance blows will follow this pattern of two superior blows, followed by a sweep.

While it is closely, Jinfeng has two chains of alternative attacks more. The first is a series of eight-way attacks followed by a blow over the head. The second are two more attacks above the head followed by a rotating pivot in an attack with the open palm. All this can be avoided crouching.

Sifu Boss Battle Guide – The Yang del Sanctuary

How to beat Yang

Finally, we have the last great evil of sifu, yang. The guy who killed your sensei / father from the beginning. The idiot who started all this game. Finally you are able to revenge after so many difficulties. Everything is reduced to one last fight.

And… there is no true miraculous strategy to beat Yang. The reason for this is that fighting Yang is essentially fighting against yourself, but with all the unlocked skill tree. Name a single skill in your arsenal you have used to break guards or interrupt a fool that comes here. Yang can do the same. Do you like to encounter the bad guys with that kick of sweep running? Yang does it too. That burst of blows attacks? Yes, Yang also has it.

Thats not all. In addition to Yang is essentially a mirror coincidence, all your focusing skills are disabled. Those unique attacks that can break enemy defenses and help you get out of a bind are completely useless here.

The best advice I can give you is to take into account your own gaps in the defenses when it comes to certain attacks and apply them to fight Yang. How many Strikes are there in that attack chain? What are the rope animations for that attack? How will you split or stop your own attacks?

Things only intensify in the second phase of Yang. In addition to everything I mentioned earlier, Yang gets the unique attacks of him. According to the rule of the three, he will begin to slide in the legs of legs at the end of some of him. In addition, Yang will start kicking walls to perform powerful rotating kicks. Fortunately, these can be dodged, but can disarm if you are not careful. Finally, there is a powerful race attack that Yang will perform where he accelerates forward in a blur, followed by two rapid blows with open palm.

It is not a joke, Yang is the definitive test of all your skills in Sifu, and it is not easy. Hopefully, this little prior knowledge will make things more manageable.

And with that, you should have a better idea of ​​what awaits you in _ sifu_ battles of bosses. Good luck, and remember that practice makes the teacher.

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