Apparently, EA is not interested in the NFTS

Apparently, EA is not interested in the NFTS

The issue of NFTs in videogames has been playing rather in recent months, to the point that several indis developers have even rule out against them. EA , One of the largest companies in the industry, also has something to say about the NFTS, although your answer could be much more surprising than we thought.

During the most recent financial report of EA , your CEO , Andrew Wilson, responded to the shareholders who were asking about the NFTS. This was what he said about it:

“Well, we’ll see. The way we think about is that we want to offer the best possible experience to the player. And that is what we will do – we are going to evaluate it as time passes. But right now, it’s not something that interests us. “

Recall that ubisoft also wanted to start implementing NFTS at GHOST Recon Breakpoint , and the reaction of the community was all beyond least positive. It is likely that EA has evaluated what happened with ubisoft and better prefer to stay on the sideliness until you have a better idea of ​​how to implement NFTS “properly”.

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Editor’s note: Well, at least the following EA games will not have NFTs, or at least that is expected. Considering that we are talking about EA, it sounds like that eventually you will have intentions to implement this practice in their games, especially in things like FIFA.

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